Friday, May 14, 2010

In the Making: Crochet-ed Something

I learned to crochet recently (here) which coincides surprisingly well with the yarn basket overhaul (here). In my attempt to clean up that mess, I have decided to make some more granny squares. Actually they are more like granny circles. Happily, these modified grannies otherwise known as African poppies are going to use up several colourful and leftover bits of yarn that have taken up semi-permanent residence in the basket and wreaking loads of havoc in the meantime. I learned to make them from the crochet artist elizabeth cat. These babies are so easy to make. And you can carry them anywhere! I have several more to crochet, not sure how many though, as I am not quite sure how they will ultimately be used. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. But I love them! I think I am going to keep making them until the yarn well runs dry because they are so much fun to make! Here's what I've made so far. Colourful to the point of almost being offensive, aren't they? I love them!!!


  1. This brings back memories! I used to crochet years ago when it wasn't so fashionable. Your bright *poppies* are simply wonderful. Ann :-)


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