Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Boy's Teacher Gift

The boy loves his teacher: Mme Marian. Usually, I (oh lazy one) would just buy a gift certificate at the end of the school year and have him make his own card. This year we decided that this young, amazing, kindergarten teacher needed something with a more personal touch. With that in mind, Lo recorded and compiled a music CD of the boy singing some of the songs he had learned in class this year. He also let the boy invent one of his own. That was... well... quick. The song came out of his little head and mouth fully formed and ready for release! Perfect.

For my part, I used some of my cotton yarn stash and crocheted 2 hot pads for Mme Marian. If you recall, I had started them here with much greater intentions... In the end, this is what I came up with. I wrapped them with one of my toilet paper roll flower brooch/ornaments.

I hope she will like this little gift. Unfortunately, we put it all together at the last minute and I didn't get photos of the CD or the card we made together. Oh well. We live. We learn!


  1. Those are very cute!!! I like that you added the little flower to it. Such a cute presentation.

  2. As a nursery teacher myself I know I would be thrilled to receive such a personal present. I bet she has alittle tear in her eye when she listens to the CD !
    Louise xx


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