Friday, June 18, 2010


Here is a peak at a new work in progress. It's another crochet project! How many do I have on the go now? Oooooh at least 3 that I know of... Ya, I'm probably addicted. I can't help myself! It's all the colourful yarns, all the textures, all that crazy amazing flickr inspiration! What am I to do, eh?

But this project has a deadline: Sunday!!! It's for Father's Day. Guess who's getting up early, working all day, and working all night until Sunday to get this done? Yep, me. I just hope it all works out cause I've never done this particular thing before and there's not a lot of time for trial and error, if you know what I mean!

Oh well, I can't turn back now... Wish me luck!


  1. It looks beautiful so far! I will keep my fingers crossed for you.

  2. Good luck! It is looking fabulous!

  3. It's looking amazing Michele. Can't wait to see it all done!!

  4. This looks great so far and nice to know I'm not the only last minute gift maker:) Good luck with the finish.


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