Sunday, June 13, 2010

Observation: We are obsessed with repetition repetition.

As far as I can tell, humans are obsessed with pattern. Take a look around. Most things touched by humans have some quality of pattern, don't they? But what is pattern exactly?... Well, in my little opinion, the key to pattern is the repetition of a basic element, like colour or shape.

But why the obsession?

Well... maybe if an element is repeated, it gives a sense of order. Order is nice. Maybe it instills a feeling of calm. Or maybe it is the rhythm characteristic in repetition that attracts us to it. Like in music for example. Whatever it may be, patterns are a nice break from the chaos of everyday life. And lucky for us, we've put them everywhere!

I use these morsels of human invention as inspiration for some of my projects. Do you?

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