Monday, July 19, 2010


I have been keeping this blog since the 12th of April 2010, a little over 3 months now, and I must tell you that I am enjoying every moment of it. It is truly an honour to be sharing this creative side of myself with you. I hope to keep doing this for a long while still!

During these past few months, many people have come for a short visit. Some have left a kind comment. Some have decided to make a commitment and return on a regular basis. As you know, these people are the "Michele Made Me followers".

Catherine, from The Sewing Attic, is a follower of my little sister's blog, Ariane's Crafts. So when my sister (so very kindly) advertised the first days of Michele Made Me on her blog, Catherine made the leap to my new little baby blog totally blind. She didn't know me! Not from Adam. Not from a hole in the ground. As far as she was concerned, I could be making crap over here. Or macaroni crafts (which I may yet do, be forewarned)! Nevertheless, she became a follower then and there, no questions asked. Since that time she has been amazingly sweet and consistent! She stops by very regularly and leaves a quip, a few words of encouragement, and more often than not, high praise! She is a very kind person and I thank her for that.

With that in mind, I felt I needed to show my gratitude in some way. So I made her this gift.

Thank you Catherine. You are a lovely follower and friend. I hope you enjoy your new crochet hook holder. Happy hooking! :)

A word to all Michele Made Me followers. You are so kind and generous. I am grateful to you all for making this bloggy adventure so special to me. Thank you for coming and I hope to "see" you again very soon!

Have a wonderful day!


  1. That is such a nice way to honor a blog friend. The design is just fantastic and she will love it.

  2. Michele-I'm so glad to see that your Followers list has gotten so big since I first came here! (It didn't take long!) Your blog is wonderful, pretty to look at, and truly inspiring! No-I'm not aiming at a free creation from you!! I mean it! And by the way, the hook holder is fabulous. I LOVE your blog header photo! Way to go!!! I honestly see you doing a book someday.

  3. What a lovely and thoughtful gift for Catherine! Thanks for the link to your sister’s blog!

  4. That is totally gorgeous. How nice of you to gift her with something so precious!!!

  5. How sweet of you! I know she will just love it. It's another beautiful creation!

  6. Wow, that's quite a twist on the penny, love it and your finish is great! Sadly my stunted craft brain doesn't think like this, that's why I'm here, for a little enlightenment. Well done!

  7. What a wonderful gift!!! She will love it!! I love it!!! You are doing so well with your blog!! You are so creative and have so much to share! Keep up the good work! You are doing amazing!!!!

  8. Wow - that is georgeous...... I am also a new blogger (just a couple of weeks) and so enjoy seeing what others do ..... I love your original creations..... Hugz

  9. Hey Michelle, as you know already I loved my surprise gift, it really lifted my day! After putting photos of it up on my blog I then wished I had opened it out to show off its beautiful all over design so I'm glad to see you have put some more photos of it here. Looking forward to seeing more of your creative endeavours but not sure of the macaroni! :)

  10. I love how talented and innovative your work is! And we "know" you...your blog is a place where a meeting of like minds meet...
    Very beautiful needlecase!

  11. I love this hook book! I am planning on making one of these for some family members for Christmas. I love your colorful version! Thanks for sharing!!

  12. Lucky gal! That's lovely work.

  13. How neat! And that's so cool of you to recognize your loyal followers...there can be so far and few between in the bloggy world!

    jen @

  14. Really amazing stuff!
    Only 3 months and you have 74 followers!
    Wow! That just shows how talented you are!

  15. This is so lovely.. lucky Catherine, it sounds like she really deserves it! What a lovely way to acknowledge and thank a blog friend :)

  16. How kind to give this terrific needle holder to a wonderful blog friend. It's so pretty, and I would love to make one myself for my cousin.
    I'm really enjoying being at your blog. Plz visit me too!

  17. Hi Michele,
    I just found your blog via Suz Place. What a fantastic button demo...very clever indeed!!
    The hook case is absolutely gorgeous...I just love it. Lucky Catherine. Such a lovely gesture. She will treasure it!
    You've certainly inspired me to try making one or two of my own. Thank-you, thank-you!! Now I'm off to enjoy the rest of your blog. :)


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