Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Great Tissue Box Challenge: From The Rebel Crafters

Over the last few days, as the entries rolled in for the Great Tissue Box Challenge 2010, I have enjoyed some of my happiest moments as a blogger. First off, people actually took part! That fact alone makes my year and has me smiling from ear to ear. And secondly, not only did they join in, but they managed to create some of the best things to appear on this blog yet.

I will NOT be announcing the winners today. I will leave that for tomorrow... Today I want to show you some of the "Rebel Tissue Box House Entries". As you know, I did set out some rules and will abide by those rules in order to choose the winners. The following entries may not win in the conventional sense but they so warmed my heart that I WILL NOT dismiss them without mention.

Here is Doro's entry from the beautiful blog Punkt Punkt Komma Strich (which translates to: Dot Dot Comma Dash). She created 5 whimsical and gorgeously round tissue box house ornaments, and shows us very clearly how she went about it. And look, there are even people living inside! How sweet and joyful are they?

Andrea from the Akinna Stisue blog submitted a little tissue box house created by her 4-year-old daughter Susi! Susi did such a fine job constructing her little house (below) and the Christmas details she added are just right. She made it specially for Santa Claus and, as you can see, Susi attached a very secret wish list for him. I wonder what it says...

One of my faithful readers, and author of DM Blog, submitted this little desert village which she created with her grandson. However, DM is particularly rebellious. She didn't use tissue boxes to build her houses but rather cereal boxes, tisk tisk... But, she did fully disclose her transgression, and I felt that her honesty was very refreshing.

And finally, feast your eyes on the entry submitted by the too-talented Mich L. in L.A. Yes, it's a secret-compartment tissue box house necklace!!! Isn't it magical? Michelle is a jewelry-maker who travels down some very inventive routes to get to her unexpectedly delightful creations. And you can travel with her too because she provides the steps to show you exactly how to make it!

You see now why I am happy... I couldn't have asked for better... Thank you Rebels!

And don't forget, tomorrow I will announce The Great Tissue Box Challenge 2010 winners, and will show you yet more Tissue Box House eye candy!

Until then, have yourself a wonderful day!


  1. I love all the entries! I am particularly fond of those little round houses with people living inside! They caught my eye right away as I was visiting the entries! And it is still beyond me how Mich L. in LA applied that silver tape without a ripple! Well done!!

  2. You draw the best talent out of others. Birds of a feather and all that.

  3. (singing) I'm a rebel and I'm never gonna be any good! Who sang that one? I want to say the Ronettes? Wait, I just Googled it: The Crystals. Not that I...I mean...I have no idea who those groups are. Ahem. Anywho! Thanks for putting me in this category, I am so honored. I love the other rebels and their fabulous houses, ain't we cool? Thanks, dearest Michele, for creating an inspiring challenge; can't wait to see some more of your own houses as well as the winners. Whee! Too much fun.

  4. The tissue box necklace is just amazing -- as are the other tissue box creations!

  5. See what you started! Incredible!!

  6. Oh my goodness each is more nifty than the last! I'm so peeved that I didn't get my act together in time to submit. Think my vision was too lofty for multiples...I should have taken Michelle' approach with doing ONE nifty piece.'s never too late!
    Can't wait to see more and find out who won!

  7. Hmmm...i am so excited to see these projects...but i like much the house of Michelle L...its awesome...i wish all Rebels all the best...haha...
    stay blessed you all...

  8. Well done rebels! I love them all :)


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