Thursday, December 16, 2010

For My Special Secret Quilting Person

*furtive look from side to side; hushed voice* Ate some spinach. Saved the packaging.

Washed the container. Removed the stickers. Added a hanger.

Covered assorted gifts with the telephone book. Or pages therefrom. Placed them in the container.

Made a little quilt using tiny fabric scraps mod-podged onto a piece of paper.

Cut mod-podged-fabric-paper-quilt to fit recessed area in container cover. Taped quilt on with double-sided tape. Added gold cord and fabric-paper beads to pretty-fy.

Put pretty-fied cover on the container to complete the gift box for my special secret quilting person.

Gift box doubles as hanging storage.

Special secret quilting person needs more storage.

Special secret quilting person is very special indeed. And very very secret. Find her here. But DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT tell her I sent you... It's... *furtive look from side to side; hushed voice*... a secret...

Now go have a fantastic day!


  1. Oh, secret quilting person will love this! It will look nice in her new sewing space! Aren't you a good sis.

  2. Um. Can't really process this. The quilt is a thing of stunning beauty. Then you throw in the hanging storage. And the beads and gold trim. And the phone book wrappers. I can't handle these all together this early in the morning! *Mich's head explodes*

  3. You are fabulous...what a cool, cool way to present a gift...I save all my lettuce/spinach containers too. :)

  4. What a lovely special gift for that special quilting person. So clever! My lips are sealed.

  5. I'm so glad that I'm the special secret sewing person. I feel very special indeed. Thanks for the wonderful gift. You are the best. Love you!!!! Ariane

  6. What a great idea that storage box is!

  7. Hi Michele, I am new to your blog. I spent quite some time yesterday discovering it. I had a great time. You are "wicked" creative. I have been working with plastic bottles and was in awe of all your projects with them. My daughters and I followed your lead on your place-mat project today. It was great fun. I linked to your blog and the specific place-mat post. I am sure others will enjoy seeing all of your creativity in action. Thanks for doing a blog, I am very appreciative to be the happy recipient of all your hard work. Carolina

  8. Bonjour Michèle ! ( I know your secret person's blog too :) , and the answer to your question is yes .... You have inspired me so much lately :) !!

  9. So cute Michele. Have a lovely Christmas if I don't talk to you before then - Hugs Nat

  10. I love how you quilted that box :)
    What a lovely gift, I wonder what delights are enclosed within...


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