Friday, January 7, 2011

My Tiny Brain Wave #3 - Peeling Back The Layers

Welcome to My Tiny Brain Wave #3!

If you recall, this is a feature wherein, hither and thither, once in a while, when the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars, I will be posting ideas that I've come up with that are NOT A CRAFT by gum, but rather a brilliant idea that might be useful in crafting somewhere sometime someday.


Today I share a happy little discovery that I made a couple of years ago at around this time.

I was minding my own business, clearing away the remnants of the festive season, when out of the corner of my eye, I spied a box of chocolates lurking within the pristine tidiness of my kitchen cabinets (true fact). So I very casually sauntered over to see if perhaps there were any chocolates left inside. Sadly, there were not. There were only the normal scraps and dregs found in any garden-variety chocolate box: the moulded plastic insert, the bits of tissue paper and that soft multi-layered cushiony rectangle that protects the box's glorious contents.

Okay Michele, cut to the chase, and get to the point.


Well, you know that multi-layered cushiony rectangle? You'll notice that if you go to a corner, and gently peel away the outer layer of waxy paper, you will reveal a pretty corrugated paper underneath...

That when exposed looks something like this...

It looks exactly like this.

That when exposed looks EXACTLY like this...

Now my cushiony rectangle consisted of 5 layers. So after carefully removing that first waxy layer, I continued with the deconstruction, peeling away the corrugated layer as well. It ultimately looked like this.

In the end, when all the layers were pulled apart, I had 3 pieces of thin waxy paper and 2 pieces of gorgeously corrugated paper.

Thin waxy paper = yawn.
Gorgeously corrugated paper = free crafty yumminess!


It's the small things.

Now please go have yourself a lovely day, and I'll see you again soon!


  1. Wow, another great excuse to eat a box of chocolates :)

  2. Although I love your idea, I guess I prefer the cocolates...!

  3. The question now is...? What is next? Happy New Year Michele. Hope you had a lovely crafty break. I love your new hearder, really love it. Are those card rings? - Hugs Nat

  4. and what her fertile creative mind find to do with these little bits of lovely?

  5. I have a box of chocolates from Christmas lurking in my immaculate pantry as well! (I wish it was immaculate) But in there is this same paper! I LOVE IT! Such a fun discovery, and VERY interesting ; ) I am hosting a giveaway, just wanted you to know!

  6. I did not know that! A cool little wave indeed, crafts will result. I really enjoy these posts, always something fascinating. Oh, btw, a comment here made me realize I haven't mentioned yet how MUCH I love the new header. I love it out to here!!!

  7. Glorious! And if you find you need more papers, you can always get another box of chocolates. Win-win!

  8. best part, the paper smells like chocolate!

  9. I'll be pulling apart my chocolate boxes tonight - I got a few for Christmas. No idea what I'll do with them, but hey ho!
    p.s. the pedant inside me says the plastic tray isn't moulded - it's in fact vacuum formed... Oh dear, I'm a sad plastic freak...

  10. Hello! Happy New Year! Look at my lessons about the products under candy box!,

  11. Now that is a really good excuse for opening a box of chocolates!
    Carol xx

  12. Don't you just love corrugated paper/card, there's just something cool about it.. I have always wondered what I could do with those cushiony paper bits in the choc boxes as I was putting them in the recycling drawer, but it never occurred to me to peel them apart!

  13. Dear Michele, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a nice message. I will say HAGS to my Panto friends (I may then have to explain the meaning!!) I love the creativity of your blog - truly inspiring.

  14. Now here's the difference in me and you, or at least one...I already do this, but I was not creative enough to post about it in such a lovely way:-) I use *stuff* like this all the's beautiful isn't it? Strange, I know. In fact, recently at school I used some candy box stuff and some of that spongy package wrapping stuff to create the snow on a bulletin board for a bunch of penguins. Created beautiful textures.:-) Great reuse.


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