Monday, February 14, 2011

The Valentine Factory

The Valentine Factory opened bright and early on Saturday morning. It was down to business IAC (Immediately after Cheerios).

We started by dabbing water colour paints all over a large sheet of wetted newsprint. We set the newsprint aside to dry.

Pastel colours fell out of favour at some point in the nineties, didn't they? I think they're back on top again. I declare them back on top.

We got out the 5" x 8" card stock. I scored it with a butter knife. Yes. A butter knife. If you don't believe me, read this.

The boy folded each card. It was all business. He was an all-business folding machine. I couldn't keep up.

He kept himself busy drawing a heart on each card. Good idea. Great idea. Way to keep it moving.

I cut out his hearts with my Exacto. That doesn't sound good. But, you know what I mean. Goodness.

He wrote names on each card. Slowly. Meticulously. Painstakingly.

He chose to write in cursive. You remember cursive, right? So that took a while. I thought it was a bad idea initially, but it was totally worth it in the end.

I kept myself busy cutting out little rectangles of the dry dabby newsprint. I cut them into hearts. Good thinking. That's the way.

We glued the newsprint hearts into the back of each cutout. Darned glue everywhere. But glue dries, thank Pete. Imagine if glue didn't dry. What would that world look like?

We wrote a message in each card.

We stuck dabby newsprint hearts to the inside of each card.

We attached a candy bracelet to the inside of each card.

The boy signed each card.

We placed each card in an envelope.

The boy labeled each envelope. Non-cursively.

We made many many Valentines. It took six and a half hours from start to finish. That's 390 minutes.

It was TOTALLY worth it in the end.

All in all, a successful and productive day at the Valentine Factory.

Well, I'm off to collect my giant dose of love. You have yourself a warm and happy Valentine's Day, won't you?


  1. I like that it is not perfect hearts... but a reproduction of your childs own charming lines ♥

  2. Oh I love your cards! Especially the heart window with all the love pouring out! That's exquisite work!
    I never knew pastels fell out of grace :)
    They were always on the top of my list! Forever!

  3. Happy Valentines!
    Your cards are stunning, lucky Valentines and lucky you for having such a gorgeous boy.


  4. Oh my, they are wonderful! I love the simplicity, but everybody can see how much effort went into those babys. YOu can be proud of yourselves.

  5. Oh this is a fun idea! Took a long time, but I am sure it was worth it! Love the idea, its different but looks great! Happy Valentines Day!

  6. What a great day! Absolutely gorgeous minimalist Valentines. You and yr little guy are so artistic. I see he has absorbed your amazing stick-to-it-iveness when it comes to a creative project. I love that you can share this with him!

  7. Those are fabulous and you have the patience of a saint! I am super impressed by his cursive.

  8. Happy Valentine Michele, such pretty cards and what fun it looks like was had....wonderful x

  9. Hi, I'm katia and i'm from Italy.
    I think your creation are wonderful and like them very much so I put your blog into my favorites.
    Thank you for share them with us

  10. That's an awfully long span of dedication.
    AbSoLuTeLY love the L♥ve cards.


  11. Oooooooo too fun! I hope the recipients realize the masterpieces they are receiving! Love the doppled pretty!

    Also, I will be using the expression IAC from here on in :)

  12. I can't believe your son was engaged for the whole 6 and a half hours! Mine sits at the computer making his with Paint Shop Pro - prints them out, and he is done, as far as he is concerned.

  13. I used to just buy the cards for my kids, and half way thru writing their names on each card it always ended up with me finishing them. Just became a follower, I'd love for you to come on by and follower me too.

  14. My kids couldn't get thru half of just writing their names on the cards, leaving me to finish up. Just became a follower, would love for you to come on by and follow me too.

  15. Thanks for sharing! The boy's handwriting is really lovely, and adds a a very graphic feel to the cards. Really quite wonderful!

  16. Sounds like some quality creative time with the boy! His cursive writing is beautiful!

  17. That's really lovely, I spent nearly 8 hours with my 3 making valentines, non consecutive of course. We couldn't manage more than 2 hours at a time. It is rough being 5 and 5 and 7 and 37 lol. Your son has lovely cursive. My children wrote all of the names and I wrote the messages as dictated. I like the simplicity of yours. We did lovely little hand cut owls with wings and button eyes etc. Too much but fun. : ) Hope your son's day and yours was as lovely as the valentines you made together.
    ~Jenn in Forest Grove

  18. I love these! Nice work together! So beautiful-and the handwriting-love it!

  19. Wow, they're amazing!

    Six and a half hours, now that's commitment :)

  20. Love all your valentine's. They are gorgeous!!! Happy Valentine's Day!!! Hugs Ariane

  21. That was really hard work! But the cards are very beautiful! good job!

  22. Love this idea. They're beautiful. Your son did a fabulous job.

  23. Wonderful!

  24. These are beautiful. A very special factory.

  25. Love the dedication to your SON!! Long live Valentine's Day!

  26. So pretty! I love this idea. (Someone commented to me that it was great that I was 'thinking ahead' by starting my son's Valentines with him 2 weeks ago. That person clearly had no idea how long it takes a seven-year-old to address 17 cards)

  27. I'll be doing a Valentine Factory this weekend with my 5 year-old twins. Should be... uh... interesting! Thanks for the inspiration!!!

  28. His cursive is amazing. I want to be able to write like that!

    1. I know eh? it's got such personality... I wish...


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