Friday, May 27, 2011

A Dandy Giveaway Winner!

And the winner of The Dandy Giveaway is... Commenter #342: Grandma!!!
Grandma said: I think I'm from Earth. Pretty sure... Does your favorite color change? I like all kinds of blue and I really like pink, and soft green.
Congratulations Grandma, Earthling or otherwise! I'll be in touch by email asap. I must say that you didn't follow my rules. Tisk tisk. But hey, rules are meant to be broken. I like your rebellious nature. You didn't settle for just one colour. And that is okay. It shows gumption.

Note: Do not be confused. Grandma is not my actual Grandma. She is a lovely, though unknown, commenter. She is someone else's Grandma. Both my Grandmas passed on to a far far better place eons ago. This Grandma is still alive, walking around, entering giveaways. Hence, not my Grandma.

Junk Mail Collage by Michele Pacey

By the way, I had a grand old time reading all the giveaway comments. You are all a hoot. Thanks so much for being such great sports and playing along.

FYI, I ran a statistical analysis of your colour preferences based on the 508 comments received on the giveaway post. That's a decent number of data points I figured.

As you can see, I felt aquamarine (AKA turquoise, teal, blue-green) and pink deserved their own columns because there were so many who favourited these little colour ranges. Also there were many fence-sitters, like Grandma, who didn't want to make the colours feel bad by playing favourites. They got their very own column called "Mixes".

Chart of Favourite Colours

After all votes were tallied, it turns out that GREEN is the favourite colour of all time. Interesting stuff. Note that when I say green (or any of the colours really), I'm including every favourited shade and tint of that colour. For example, your joyous cerulean is a blue (I didn't know that before. I learn, I learn...) so it is lumped in with the blues.

Check out the chart to see how your preferred colour did. Are you green with envy? Oh, the irony.

Well you have a great weekend! I'll see you again soon!


  1. Congrats to Grandma. How fun you make a chart. Green being the favourite colour really surprises me and amazing that the cooler colours seem to win!

  2. Well this has been refreshing and quite educational :) I also googled cerulean only to find out I have a contact on flickr by the same name !!

  3. Definitely green with envy! Your stuff is always amazing!

  4. well, at least my favourite colour has won!!!

  5. Congrats to Grandma! Love the collage, btw. And green is my favorite too. AT least, today that is. Tomorrow it might be yellow. Or cantaloupe. It's too hard to pick!

  6. I said clear! it's my joking favorite color because I can never settle on one. I wonder who else said clear?

  7. Way to go Grandma! Every Grandma deserves a prize. Thanks for the highly technical statistical review of our comments, Michele. I am totally shocked that green came out on top! I thought for sure it would be blue. Interesting...

  8. The winning Grandma is my kids' real life grandma! (aka my mom!) She is a totally awesome grandma! :) Just sayin'...

  9. Congrats Grandma..... yup... I have green cheeks...

  10. @Amy: congrats to your very own Grandma!

    @Hele: yay for the greens!

    @Peaches: Thanks Peaches, you know how I love my junk mail. A LOT!!!

  11. I forgot to put my favorite color! ja, ja ... what a mess I am and how sad I feel not winning! very big kisses

    bego (baulartesanodebego) blogger is very silly!

  12. 1. I love your new header.
    2. Congrats to Grandma.
    3. I can't believe you did a statistical analysis of color preference!!! My brown didn't fair so well :(


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