Monday, May 2, 2011

Knotty Monogrammed Journal Covers

I'm not actually back from my trip yet. I've been detained in the beautiful UK. But here is the small gift we gave to our British hosts who've gone above and beyond to make us feel welcome and special during our stay here.

Knotty monogrammed journal covers... Our hosts are meticulous, organized folk. I thought personalized journals might be appropriate.

I used the cute fabric book cover tutorial from Marie-Madeline Studio to make the basic covers and added sleek monograms in Arial font to personalize each journal. The letters were affixed with fusible web and I used both running stitches and french knots (my fave stitches) to embellish the pieces. And instead of batting as the tutorial suggests, I lined the covers with a piece of flannel for additional weight and structure. That worked just fine.

This is what the inside flap looks like when all is said and done...

And here is the finished product!

Thank you P and L for taking such good care of our little family. Your hospitality has been unparalleled. It makes me want to return again and again!

Other french knot projects I've had fun with in the past include the little space wallet and the pyramidal pincushion. When in doubt use the french knot, I say. It is simple, it is pretty, and it never disappoints. Wouldn't you agree?

Well, I hope all is lovely with you. I'll be back imminently, but until then, be safe and well.


  1. These are beautiful, Michele. I hope you are having a lovely trip :)

  2. Nice journals! I hope you are enjoying your big trip!

  3. Back when I was a young mother, younger than you (back in the late seventies), the crafting rage was candlewicking, a white on white embroidery that was heavily dependent on french knots. I loved the texture and the economy of it - you only needed muslin and cotton crochet thread - but I soon got tired of the lack of color. Now that you've brought it up, there really isn't any reason why I can't do a project like yours, using french knots. I can afford nice fabric and colors now!

  4. Love your design. I like color next to black... it just pops!

  5. If you are still in the UK anyway, come up to Leeds and have a cuppa with me! My house moght resemble a disaster zone right now, but the cups are clean, the cats are (sometimes) on their best behaviour, and I make a wicked cuppa tea anyway.

  6. Nice to have news ! And you managed to make something VERY nice during your holiday ! Would you believe that I am hopeless at making French knots ? - it sounds SO easy when you mention it! But to me, it's not ! ( knot ? ;)

  7. Wow...Michele...How fantastically meticulous! And how "random" and free flowing the french knots look. Bravo!

  8. Absolutely love these particularly your use of the french knots. I thought they were tiny beads at first. What a lovely gift.

  9. How Cute..such a smart cover..look of spreading knots seems so smart..well nice to see your posts..welcome backkkkk

  10. Wow - I love the bubble like random effect from the knots. I am knot particularly good with French nots (pun intended) but I am improving and seeing neat projects with them make me want to continue to improve.

  11. These are gorgeous, and they look quite professional!


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