Friday, June 17, 2011

From The Land of Blog Featuring "All Things Crafty"

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Do you see these gorgeous little recycled plastic greenhouse earrings? Aren't they sweet? They were inspired by these right here. But I did not make them. Mieljolie did.

For today's installment of From the Land of Blog (where I usually highlight other crafters' projects inspired by some of mine), I've decided to focus. I want to dig a little deeper to see what additional treasures, besides the wee greenhouses above, we can unearth over at Mieljolie's blog "All Things Crafty". I guess you could call it an "All Things Crafty" feature.

Ready? Let's delve...

Oh look, I took a half-step and already I've found something! It looks remarkably like a hat. Yes, most certainly, that is a hat. Or is it? NO. No, it's actually a cereal box expertly transformed into this dashing hat. The eyes doth deceive. Oh that Mieljolie, she's a wily one.

Oh... and feast your eyes on this... She made this scary-beautiful witch boot almost entirely out of recyclables. In fact, she has created a whole series of one-of-a-kind witch boots from cereal boxes, newspaper, toilet rolls, masking tape and 20-year-old wall-paper paste! Do witches dress this fashionably? I was grossly misinformed.

But Mieljolie isn't the only one in the family with a boot-full of talent and a penchant for recycling. She teamed up with her husband to create this steampunk time-turner necklace from broken clock parts mostly, with striking results. The fact that they can work together and still both be alive is pretty striking in itself.

Inspired by the plastic Calico Critters Manor Dollhouse, Mieljolie's husband, who's majoring in architecture, also built this breathtaking cardboard dollhouse for their 8 year-old daughter. What a lucky little girl. The dollhouse is stunning inside and out! You must check out all the details. It's cardboard... cardboard!

Is that enough to get you going? Because this little tour is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to discover at "All Things Crafty". Not to mention that Mieljolie has two whole other blogs on top of that! One in particular is a special treat that I will let you discover all on your own. All I'll say is that it is unbelievable what some people do with recyclables. It is genius. Click HERE to have a look!

Thank you Mieljolie for sharing your talents with us on your blogs. You are artist and an inspiration. ♥

Now YOU have a great weekend, and I'll see you Monday!

All photos are by Mieljolie and were used with permission.


  1. Michele, you're such a doll! Such kind words! For someone with such an amazing site to choose to feature me is such an honor. It's so easy to find inspiration in your work. I'm sure I, and many others, will continue draw ideas from your future projects.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Those little greenhouse earrings are beautiful! Thanks for the intro to Mieljolie's work. She makes some amazing things.

  3. wowwwwwwwwww, Mieljolie...I am going to visit this genious!!, thanks for show us her work

  4. i´m going to visit you friend blog right now! i love these works. Kisses, Michelle.

    bego (baulartesanodebego)


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