Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Series 6: The Box Chain #4 - Ces Yeux

Happy, um, June?... Yes, strangely that's correct. Happy June!

Welcome to the fourth and possibly final installment (I never know...) of Series 6: The Box Chain!

Today's offering is a piece I'm calling "Ces Yeux" ("These Eyes" in English). Mais oui.

From a variety of recycling box papers including junk mail, newspaper, old giftwrap, used construction paper, and some old printouts, I made a slew of box chains. I then built the piece by glueing the chains (with carpenter's glue) in layers in a thrifted wooden picture frame. It took several nights of building the chains, and then playing with them on the floor, before settling on the concept for this guy. In the end, the time spent was well worth it. I'm so pleased with its subject matter, texture, and muted colours.

If you don't yet know how to make the box chains, there is a detailed picture tutorial in this previous post.

To see the rest of this series (or any other series for that matter), hop on over to the Series page, and scroll down to the bottom to "Series 6: The Box Chain". Again I wish to thank sweet Kapila for asking the question ("What would Michele do?) that got this series going in the first place.

You have a great day now. I'll be back on Friday!


  1. Oh they look fantastic in the box and made into such a lovely design.... I'm amazed....

  2. Oh what a divine project! I am still impressed with all the work and it looks stunning!

  3. This is wondrous fair! Are they teeny tiny box chains? What a cool intricate collation!

  4. I have enjoyed all your box chain projects, but this is really worth framing - love it!

  5. Absolutely beautiful and I love your new blog header so fresh. Happy June Michele!

  6. These look amazing Michelle and I'm loving the new blog design. Very nice!

  7. These eyes think ces yeux are fantastique.

  8. Oh. My. This is amazing, Michele. Truly. Fantastic!

  9. Michele! Michele! So sweet and lovely. And such care and thought put into the piece's construction. I think now... perhaps care/love = art? Thus, all living things are works of art... as well as discarded pieces of paper, carefully removed from the trash, carefully given a second life...hmm...Michele, thank you for your caring work!

  10. thanks Kapila. i'm especially glad you like it since it was inspired by you and your chains. thanks for the little push!


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