Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Michele's Mystick Action Figures

Mystick, tee hee. Get it? I made it with my sticks... My-stick!

Okay you get it.

Um. So I'm calling this a craft. But really I shouldn't. Because that's a gross over-exaggeration. I should really just call it a "bunch of random chopping and cutting" for that is what it is.

See, I found several pre-dead sticks in the field behind my house.

And then I trimmed and whacked and sawed and hacked. With this little instrument hereunder.

Those efforts yielded a number of magical Mystick action figures. Wood you like to meet a few?

Say hello to the tight-lipped tip-toer. She's shy and awkward, but has a heart of gold. She's forever trying to avoid any and all encounters. She never knows what to say, poor little thing.

This is the oaken opera singer. Loves the sound of her own voice this one. She'll sing you an aria within seconds of knowing you. See, she's singing now... Sorry about that. Some people's mystick action figures just don't know when to quit.

And here's the timber traveller? Have you had the pleasure? No. I'm not surprised. He's always on the go. Busy busy. And he walks everywhere. A rare thing these days. He's doing his best for the environment you know. Really good guy.

Oh and by the way, the timber traveller has a mild case of multiple personality disorder. If he happens to fall over and get turned around, he becomes the twiggy-winged woodpecker. We don't often see this side of him but I thought I'd give you the heads-up, just in case...

Oh and here's the whole Mystick Family right now! They look great standing in a row like that, don't they? Makes for a real nice family photo doesn't it?

Say cheese!

Make your very own bunch of Mystick action figures! My little one loves them. They can be made lickety-split, and as you can see, can lead to all kinds of magical stories and make-believe fun.

Well you have a great day now, I'll see you soon!


  1. I see one doing Karate! Do you see? And one has a ‘don’t look at me, I can’t help all of this’ attitude!

    Great family portrait!

  2. What a great idea - lots of f/tree fun and imagination running wild. They remind me of Treebeard and his friends in Lord of the Rings, they'll be a force for good.
    Carol xx

  3. This is brilliant, I am always amaze how multiples of things, however ordinary, encourage make believe play.

  4. What a handsome family you have there! In that picture, I can see grandmama, mom and dad, auntie, brother and sister and one of their friends...what fun someone would have playing with them! I'll have to see what sticks we have drying around here!!!

  5. aahaa..just know some of these seems like electricity towers on roadside..hehe..but still Mystical :)

  6. Lovely post! I am majorly envious of your photo styling skillz. So beautiful. I would love to know - what do you use as background?

    The action figures have much personality!

  7. Can I come live in your head for a while? I just adore how you see things. This is such a fantastic project Michele.

  8. Love your imagination, Miss Tick! I wonder what kind of "Great American novel" you would write. Have you ever?

  9. Okay now - this is the start for a book!!! you know you always wanted to do one!!

  10. Love your sense of humour Michele

  11. Hahahahahahahahahahah!!!! I've got a dead tree in the back yard that I'm working on cutting into bits right now - I'll have to make believe with my son - of course he'll talk my head off if I let him, but hey - this is his birthday week - what's a mother to do? :)

  12. Michele, this is great! Love how you invented their personal traits from their appearance and that family photo is amazing!

  13. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [14 Jul 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  14. Oh this is going into my blog tutorial file under ways to get back to the inner child in you. So cute and so imaginative.

  15. What a great idea - thanks! Those guys made my day; the next walk in the woods, I'll take woody pieces home with me, for sure ;-))

  16. These are stunning! They definitely qualify as craft in my book (even art) The cuts you made make all the difference to the way they sit. LOVE em!

  17. lolol what fun! Personality disorder one made me laugh out loud!!!

  18. love it! simplicity and nature tied up all happy like!!! again, love it!

  19. Wow, you have some lucky children! Thanks for passing your creative genious along to my your sense of humor.
    NancyK. in WI


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