Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Drop-Dead Denim Guest: Aunt Peaches

We forge on with our all-denim September exploration today. And as luck would have it, I have the delightful Aunt Peaches over to keep things moving along. She has a most unique point-of-view on things, and I am very curious to hear what she thinks of working with denim and also to see what she's been inventing. Here now is Peaches with...

Rainbow Sherbet Denim


My favorite thing about denim is that it is so good for getting messy! And my favorite kind of denim is the sort that looks best after years of wear and tear. In my book, the scruffier the better. I have heard of people running over their jeans with cars, or beating them with chains, or dousing them with bleach in hopes of achieving a tattered patina...I decided to give it a try using paint. The end result is something between rainbow sherbet and a 1980's hair band. Awesome!

painting denim Peaches

  • Denim clothing
  • Gel Glue
  • Latex paint and/or spray paint
Squeeze the glue over the skirt, scribbling, dripping and dropping as you go. Embrace the messy!

Note: It is important that you use gel glue (it's usually blue but you sometimes see it in clear too), I attempted this with white glue and it was a total failure. Gel glue only.

painting denim2Peaches

Once the glue is dry, use a brush to paint over the surface. Don't be afraid to really rub the paint in there. This is a good excuse to use the bottom squirt out of your old paint pots. Let it dry, then scribble on another round of glue.

painting denim3Peaches

Once the second coat of glue is dry, top it off with another coat of paint. I used a dusting of mossy green spray paint and let it all sit overnight before throwing it in the washing machine with regular detergent, hot water, and a load of old towels or a bathmat (something scruffy that will help scrape the paint off your denim). The glue will peel off and take the paint with it, leaving the most amazing patterns and swirls. If you like it to look a little more distressed, rub the article with sandpaper while it's still wet, then throw it in the wash again. Dry as usual. Wear it with style!


Hi, I'm Peaches! I live in the big city in a teensy red house filled with Aretha Franklin, chocolate bunnies, and a whole lot of cat hair. My mind works better when my hands are moving. I refuse to believe that "luxurious" is synonymous for "expensive" and take pride in creating things for my friends and my family. It’s a cathartic process and sometimes it brings up interesting stories and discussions. The best compliment anyone could ever pay me is to ask "How'd you make that?" ...and my blog is the best way I know how to answer.

What gorgeous colour play. It really does look like rainbow sherbet! Kudos to you for persevering beyond the white glue, Peaches. I might have thrown in the towel myself. I'm so glad it worked with the gel glue; the effect you achieved is so impressive! I'd love to try this technique on a handbag or shoes. Wouldn't that be fun? Thanks so much for getting messy with us Peaches. Something fantastic always happens when you do!

In other news:

Today I'm Diggin' This Denim: Garden of Recycling Finery by Caracol

Tomorrow - that's Thursday - I'll be doing the first of 2 feature posts of projects from the Drop-Dead Denim Flickr Group. Yay!

Oh, and I have to tell you. My husband decided I should be rewarded for opening the shop (finally). He's taking me on a 7-hour drive to New York City to the Maker Faire this coming weekend (I've never been). I know. I have ONE thing in the shop. He's crazy. I wouldn't change him for the world.

Have a wonderful day now. I'll see you tomorrow!


  1. Rainbow sherbert denim, yeah! I really love Aunt Peaches' finished skirt and the technique. I learned something new this morning. There are so many denim skirts waiting to be remade at the Goodwill.

  2. Wahoo! Thanks for the plug Michele :) It's nice to be in good company. Have fun in NYC this weekend --what a nice hub you have!

  3. You have a good guy, you know that? Enjoy your trip!
    The rainbow sherbert denim is wild. Peaches...was it just any old paint or fabric paint? Have you washed the denim much since? What happened with successive washings?

  4. OMG - you are bringing back memories of all the denim skirts i used to make by cutting off old jeans! But never, ever did i make a "skirt" this awesome! Wish my legs would still stand up to wearing a cute skirt like this one!

  5. That is just wonderfully colorful, swirly and fun! Love it!!!

  6. How creative and clever is this?!? What an awesome effect! It looks really dressy in that first picture, too. Very cool, Peaches.

    Have fun in NYC this weekend, Michele :)

  7. How fun! Great job, Peaches. I admire your experimental approach...never would have thought to drizzle my clothes with gel glue!

    And Michele, have a lovely trip. Even with one thing in the shop, it's a big step.
    ; )

  8. That is the coolest skirt EVER! I want to do that with the jeans my kids have outgrown and then make them into purses and wallets.

  9. Your Drop-Dead Denim campaign is many talented artists out there!! I can't wait to see the next project.


  10. This is really cool. I wish I have that good looking legs to go with it hehe! Love it Michele - Hugs Nat

  11. very smart :) & a cool colored idea, thanks for sharing Michele & Peaches *(* keep rockingggggggg

  12. This is such a fun idea. Thanks for sharing it with us. My daughter would love this. Hugs Ariane

  13. ...Amy said... was it just any old paint or fabric paint? Have you washed the denim much since? What happened with successive washings?

    Those are my questions too... I *Love* this!

  14. She got some great fun colors with this, and it's still denim without looking like denim.


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