Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Boy Says

 "Mommy, I forgot to eat my three Halloween treats today. But that's okay, I'll have six tomorrow." 

Is that the deal?

 "Mommy, on the first day of December you have to remember to hang up that number thing with a treat for every day until Christmas. If you want, you can borrow my Halloween candies to fill it up, okay?" 

That's actually a good idea.

"Mommy, maybe by the time I'm 18 years old, paleontologists will have discovered why Argentinosaurus had a so small head." 

One can only hope.

 [In reference to one of my egg carton people] "Mommy, that one looks like an ant-eater." [Followed by peels of laughter.] 

Does it? Really?

 [In reference to the great family movie: "Akeelah and the Bee"
The Boy:  "Mommy, they used the F-word in that movie." 
Me:  "No they didn't!" 
The Boy:  "Yes, they did. They said freak."

Oh. Right... I guess they did use the F-word...


  1. Those are some interesting questions by the Boy! Love those pinwheels, I just made some from felt as Christmas ornaments.

  2. Thanks for sharing these sweets :) They made me smile!

  3. Oh sweetness!! Freak is the F word - if only it were so simple!!

  4. Hilarious! Aren't they cute with their observations and perceptions?

  5. LOL - love the idea of using Halloween candy in the advent calendar! :o) I might just use that idea! :o)

  6. I love boys. What a sweet heart yours is.

  7. Haha.... And here I was thinking the F word was Fart. Now I stand corrected. I'll have some of that candy too, thankyou!

  8. I have 2 boys and unluckily they know very well the f-word....sigh!!! About your egg cartoon people : You know what? Someway they remind me the little people from Fisher Price toys when I was a little girl (born in 1967...)! Funny,eh?
    Love, xx Alessandra

  9. Too funny! Loved reading this. I have a blog that I write down all the little funny things my son says. For some reason it's easier than writing it in a book... :) These are wonderful boy thoughts!

  10. I love hearing the funny things kids say. Did your creation really look like an ant eater? :)

  11. Leah: I couldn't see it... Still, it was pretty funny to hear him say that, and then laugh his head off! Too cute!

  12. Wonderful. :) I have a boy too and they are to be treasured.


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