Tuesday, January 17, 2012

In Mother Nature's Studio

When Mother Nature takes out her glitter, get out of the way. This past Thursday, she bedazzled our whole area in a thick layer of it. We didn't even bother leaving the house. We just sat tight and watched her work.

She's the only artist I know who can get away with this sort of unapologetic, over-the-top behaviour. How does she do it? She makes it look so easy. It's like it's second-nature or something... I wish I knew what brand of glue she used.

Truth be told, Mother Nature has always been one of my favourite artists. I find her work eminently inspirational and timeless. Her use of lines is magical. She's got repetition and composition down to a science. Her way with light and shadow is to die for, and her colour-mixing: perfection! It's obvious she's a natural. And I am fairly convinced that she can do anything.

Just look at her artwork. It blows my mind! To be perfectly honest, I'm more than a little jealous. I wish I had even one iota of her talent. Luckily, she lets me into her studio whenever I like. I'm trying to take full advantage of that. Who better to learn from, eh?


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  1. Gorgeous photos of a spectacular storm.

  2. Very pretty. But worrysome at the same time. Those Ice Storms have caused many downed trees and power failures for us over the years so I especially hate to see it.

    Your pictures are cool, though. DUH, of course they are, they are of ice!! That was a pun. ~lol~
    xx, Carol

  3. Fabulous pictures! Love the frozen carrots sign, I remember you cut them with the Boy’s letterfont?

  4. Mother Nature is a creative artist for sure...such technique, such new use of mediums! :)

  5. Wow! Amazing photos! Couldn't agree more, nature is the ultimate artist, we should all respect and admire :) I haven't stopped by here in ages so could be here for a while back-tracking...

  6. Oh my, what stunning photos Michele! Those icicles. The carrot tag is my fav. I have to remember to use B&W more often. Looks like it was a good thing you didn't have to go anywhere. I imagine the roads were awful!

  7. Stunning images! You should be very proud of these . Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  8. Great pictures! Mother nature is amazing.

  9. Breathtaking photographs. A grouping of these would be so lovely on a wall.

  10. Ohhhhh..its Lovely..are you the photographer..? well I love the awesome clicks!

    1. I am indeed the photographer Khadija. :)

  11. Wow that looks amazing and makes me positively frigid! It is beautiful though. Great photos!

  12. Wow, stunning. And beautiful photos, too.

  13. wouah! superbes photos. dame nature fait de bien belles choses!

    a bientot


  14. thanks for your kind comments everyone!


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