Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Cork Stamp Fun #1

I'm experimenting with the cork stamps I made (Find out how to make your own HERE). Yesterday I was stamping on brown paper bags to see if I could make some interesting gift wrap or scrapbooking papers. The combinations are many and infinite.

I think my favourites of these are:

Message:  I like this one because your words can say something meaningful/funny/silly and personalized.

All-Over Letter/Symbol: These ones I like because I'm a fan of repetition and they are a breeze to do even for a child. Plus, they just look real cool.

Sharpie & Symbol: What do I like about this one?... Beats me. It speaks to me, I guess. For this one, I drew my circles with a medium-size sharpie on the back of the paper so when I flipped the paper to the good side, the sharpie-lines looked faded or distressed. It creates a neat effect. I finished off the design with the sun symbol stamped on the good side.

In case you're wondering, I used the exact same method to create the symbol stamps as I did for the letter stamps. It's easy to draw up cute little nature symbols (or any symbol you can think of really) and use THIS simple method to fashion stamps out of them.

I'm feeling a little peckish. I'm thinking: toasted tomato sandwich (or samwich as Lo calls it) with pickled onions on the side. Yum. Happy Love Day to you!



  1. It shows you had a lot of fun working on these gift wrap papers!! Love the message!!

  2. Yum - the sandwich sounds delicious.I like all of them - I think the sharpie symbol combo and the word symbol combo are my favorite.

  3. Sooo much cuteness. The back-of-the-paper sharpie is a fabulous idea, it really does make the sharpie lines look hand-stamped - very cool!

    Happy Happy St. Valentine's Day, Michele!

  4. More cork stamp fabulousness, Michele. I love the versions where you used the Sharpie with the stamps.

  5. I just love seeing what you come up with next.


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