Saturday, May 12, 2012

All Caught Up!

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been doing the homework for the free Craftsy Block of The Month course and I'm happy to report that I'm back on track, all caught up, and ready for show and tell! Above are the April Blocks, my new favourites. We first practiced our new English paper-piecing skills on the Hexi Stripe Block and were then challenged by our teacher to design our very own block using hexagons. Michele's Block is what I came up with. I enjoyed playing with the hexies immensely and highly recommend you give them a whirl if you haven't already. But fair warning: you may fall under their six-sided spell. After that, resistance is pretty much futile...

For May's assignment, we experimented with two varieties of log cabin blocks: a Modern and a Wonky. Both were a breeze to make and came together lickety-split.

Sigh... I'm still in hexagon mode however. I just want to keep making those colourful little hexies. I'm smitten, I tell you. I think only of my hex-quisite little hexies. Is anyone else afflicted with the hexie disease?

More BOM blocks here: January, February and March.

Have a great weekend (and happy Mother's Day to all you lovely moms)!



  1. Your blocks are beautiful!! I am scared of paper piecing. I have always adored mini hexes, perfect for small scraps.

  2. How are awesome dear!

  3. Love both the hexagon and the wonky log cabin blocks.

    (If I had known about your newly developed love for hexagons I would have added some in the envelope that’s winging your way. I mailed it on May 1st, so I hope it won’t take too long for it to arrive!)

  4. Wahoo! Someday I want to try those hexagon blocks. Well done.

  5. so beautiful the wonky log cabin!!
    xxx Alessandra

  6. I've always adored those mini hexes. Another thing to add to my craft wish to-do list.

    Hope you had a nice relaxing Mother's Day.

  7. Yes yes yes - I have been sick with hexie disease for two years now! Or is it an addiction? Not sure which! Or maybe just a very strong spell.

    I am just getting the biggest kick out of you and your hexies!!

    Love Michele's block!

    AND I love the wonky log cabin. Every quilt I see using this pattern appeals to my eyes. Definitely must try quilting this pattern one day. AFTER i complete my hexie tree skirt!


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