Thursday, May 31, 2012

Death and a Mugo

I killed this little Mugo pine with my loveless ways. After two years in the garden, it gave up the ghost. But I captured that little ghost, dressed it in yellow, and trapped it in an old gold fish bowl. It's hauntingly pretty and I couldn't let it go.

It reminds me that being a tyrant has its downside. And this is what can happen.



  1. Wao..perfect for summer themed counter :) love it..

  2. great idea to save it and let it be beautiful in death. :)

  3. Poor thing
    Yet, even in death there is beauty..

  4. It is absolutely gorgeous...

  5. love !!! and your words....fantastic!!!
    xxxx Alessandra

  6. What a beautiful afterlife you have given this little tree!

  7. The graphic quality of Mugo is wonderful.

  8. Ah, that's so sad. But it can happen to even the best of us. It certainly is beautiful in the fish bowl.

  9. soooo cute! it seems to be part of a fairy tale

  10. Awesome! I would have done the same!

    We lost a fuchsia last year that had been growing in the same pot over 25 years. The "trunk" had become quite thick at the base and twisted and branches covered in a wonderfully textures "bark". When it died, I resolved to save it in a similar way (protected in acrylic however).

    I wish I had shared my plans with my sweetie. The much loved fuchsia was on it's way to the dump before i realized it was gone.

    I am soooo glad you were able to save yours. I am sure it was very difficult to see it die - but it could have been something completely out of your control A fungi or bacteria can do great and almost instant damage - even cause death.

    But look at how beautiful it is now - and always will be.

    Thank you for sharing your mug pine.

  11. You are so creative! It has such an eerie feel and really sparks my interest. Thank you for sharing!


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