Saturday, June 9, 2012

Patriotic Rainbow Leaves Maybe?

Today I'm thinking about leaves. Of the maple kind.

There are a few events happening this month on the web that interest me and I'm seriously considering playing along. I mostly live in my own little bubble over here (because that's where I'm most comfortable honestly). But sometimes it's important to step outside, get some fresh air, stretch a bit, play with the other kids.

The first event on my list is June's Point of View run by my good blog mates Gwen and Amy. This month's theme is "Patriotic". I'm somewhat embarrassed to admit that I've never made anything that shows my love of my great country... BUT, I'm hoping to rectify that situation very soon.

So, here in Canada, our nation's symbol is the maple leaf. I'm thinking maple leaves will figure into the project, whatever that project may be.... Hence the above sketch.

Point of View: A Creative Collaboration

The second event in which I'd (maybe possibly) like to participate is The Refashion Files June Challenge. I'm actually wondering if it would be possible to create one project that, somehow someway, meets both events' criteria. Sneaky, eh? Don't know if it's entirely legal but it's worth a shot. What do you think? By the way, The Refashion Files is a new site run by Amy and Jen, two crafty bigwigs you might have heard of. This month's theme is "Rainbow" and there are some lovely prizes to win. So stand aside because once I decide to (maybe possibly) join in, I will (maybe possibly) be "in it to win it" and you'll be going down. Yeah, that's right.

For more info on both these events, click on the many and varied links above.

Have a glorious weekend!



  1. Yeh for maple leaves and rainbows!!!! two of my favourite things. Looking forward to seeing your projects Michele.

  2. When I first saw your post with the maple leaf image I immediately thought of a project on pinterest. It involves waxing leaves for a garland. Unfortunately I didn't pin it. I am quite interested to see what you will come up with!
    And thanks for the refashioning link. That is something I want to check!

  3. I would love to see a Canadian project in the "patriotic" Point of View this month! And I hadn't heard of The Refashion Files. Thanks for the link :)


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