Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hey, guess what I'm up to this week... I'm over at The CSI Project guest-judging this week's Wreath and Porch competition. Pretty sweet, eh?


While I'm at it, I thought I'd encourage you to join in the fun on Thursday and...

Link up that resplendent wreath and/or porch!

Not only will it give your wreath (and/or porch) a chance to possibly place in the illustrious Top 10 and win a coveted CSI Project Badge and some well-deserved attention for your hard work (not to mention my ever-lasting awe and admiration), BUT I may also decide to post your wreath on The Wreath Blog, my personal collection of wreath-delight from around the web where it will stand along side some of the prettiest wreaths out there!

Find out more about how the friendly CSI Project competition works HERE.

Come on, let's see some serious wreath-age!



  1. I don't really have a "porch". I have front steps, a storm door and a front door. Any wreath that I have hangs on the front door. This sounds like a fun contest, however.

    1. That's totally cool, Deb. Any wreath you have will be acceptable all on its own!

  2. me encantan tus trabajos el blog esta muy bueno mucho arte besos.

  3. I don't have a wreath or a porch. But I'll certainly tweet this to my followers. Good luck everyone. And have fun, Michele.

  4. yay - go pick some good ones! I looked at the entries so far - wow, you're going to have a tough job.


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