Saturday, October 13, 2012

Little Paper Wreaths Au Natural

Now just grab your small paper wreath forms made as per yesterday's tutorial, your glue and some natural decorative bits, and DECORATE till the cows come home!

I used dried hydrangea florets, sorbaria seed heads, and dusty miller leaves as well as an assortment of fallen leaves - you know, all those dead things from the yard - to spiff mine up.

Cutie pies.



  1. love them!!!
    happy weekend Michele, xxx Ale

  2. These are so adorable Michele!!! I love them.

  3. Sweet! I love the hydrangea one!

  4. Gorgeous individually and together! The dusty miller one is my fave, but all super cool.

  5. Michele, you are a magician!:)))) One can make a bigger wreath of the kind to put on his head. I like most the one with the autumn leaves!

  6. I love what you did with the wreaths... they did look good without decoration, too. I bet they would be grand on Christmas packages... How about smaller ones?

  7. Wow, love these. Just beautiful.
    Carol xx

  8. All of them are beautiful and perfect for your twisted paper wreaths. :)

  9. Hello Michele,
    Awsomeness...pure awsomeness.
    They are lovely.
    Big hug,

  10. Wow. These are such beautiful leaves. Dead leaves and flowers are such a perfect way to decorate your place in autumn. Where will you put them in your place? On the door? Over the mantle? Also, how long will these wreaths last? Anyway, great job, Michelle. Very inspiring.

  11. I especially love the dusty miller! Something very Solsticey about it!! Wintery. Frosty. Your paper wreath base will be perfect for creating a solstice wreath with fresh ivy, holly, rosemary.

    I really love every single one of your sweet wreaths in the series above. Simple, Beautiful. Thank you for sharing when lightening strikes! Your brain storms enrich us all.

  12. Absolutely the Dusty miller version.

  13. Hi, I wanted to let you know I featured this on the EtsyKids Team blog along with 50 other Thanksgiving crafts, recipes and printables for kids.

  14. JustKraft: These are some great ideas and tutorials and I am going to try it out for sure!!


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