Thursday, December 20, 2012

Thank you Kate Pitner!

"Being in the Nutcracker Ballet has always been a dream of Trixie Lou's, and now it's finally happening! Getting the role of dancing as one of the flowers with the Rose Queen is absolutely beyond thrilling for her. She especially loves her beautiful dress!" [Kate Pitner]

The above note came with Trixie Lou, the gorgeous handmade ballerina Christmas ornament by Kate Pitner. I discovered her in my mailbox yesterday. I received her as part of Blu Penny's Annual Handmade Ornament Exchange. I'm as pleased as punch with every precious detail of her. Isn't she a dancing delight? Thank you so much Kate! And thank you Cindy Ann for organizing this brilliant exchange. Hugs to you both from across the ether!

Learn more about Kate and her work HERE. And Cindy Ann and her work HERE.


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  1. Love it! I'm so happy she has such an awesome new home! :0)



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