Sunday, January 27, 2013

What The Boy Said

"If you scrape away the night, it will be day." (December 2007)

"Don't put something I don't like on something I do like." (October 2010 after being served noodles with sauce on top)

"A week is like the dad of a day. A month is the grand-dad of a day. And a year is the great-grand-dad of a day." (January 2013)

"Ooh, my back... It feels like a lizard is waltzing on my spine." (June 2012)

"Know what? You're always touching something even if you jump, because air is made of molecules." (March 2011)

"Stop un-believing me!" (October 2012)

"I wonder why they call it the "New Moon" when it's the same old moon..." (December 2012)


We've always collected quotes by The Boy who's now 8 years old. Above is a small sampling. Here are a few more.


  1. I love the one about the day, month and year! Quite philosophical!


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  3. Saving what the kids have said is such a wonderful idea. We kept a few in our grandparent's book, but not nearly enough. My oldest grandson will be 18 soon...That seems to be the shortest 18 years of MY life!

  4. can you put something he DOES like on something he DOESN'T like?
    probably not.
    i love his quotes.
    they conjure up such vivid imagery that i think you could make them into posters ♥

  5. Tu blog es realmente precioso, me encanta. Besitos.

  6. Its great that you have kept a record of all these wonderful quotes. I feel inspired to do the same with my son. Especially since he really comes out with funny stuff.

  7. Love the pic and the quotes. I did that with my first and lost track once I hit about 3, but now I need to get back to it and treasure them up.

  8. What a clever fellow he is. I look forward to the release of The Boy's Book of Quotes. It will be a charming read for sure. I love the lizard waltzing up his back.

  9. Gosh you have to 'do' something with that ace silhoette!!
    I wish Id kept the things my kids had said......what a feast to look back on and cherish.
    What a lovely post to read!
    Tylah did used to say par cark........for car park, she could not get her tongue round it the right way lol
    I must rack my brains to try and recall some more.

  10. Your boy is a ganius :)
    Love this post!!!

  11. ups, sorry, "gEnius" (not gAnius, of course)

  12. Oh my goodness! I can see why you collect his quotes. They are wonderful. I love the first one and the one about time. I should do the same thing for my boyfriend who says some pretty silly, yet astute things sometimes.

  13. Obvioulsy I have lots of company in finding this post especially enchanting. Brilliant that you have the good sense to actually keep a record. Because when we are in the midst of living with our children, we think we will remember ever delightful gem that is uttered, This is not so!!!!!!!

    My sweetie and i both love " stop un-believing me" the most! Will not doubt become part of our own working vocabulary!

    PAM (in case my problem is still not fixed)

  14. These are lovely--thanks for sharing. I've been doing the same with my son who just turned 4; I hadn't written anything down in awhile, but he recently said a couple of doozies, and I'm inspired to keep going!

  15. Sounds like the sort of things my sister's oldest boy says.

  16. Your boy is very clever, wise and funny. I too used to journal what my girls said when they were younger although even now they still say funny random things.

  17. I love this post, Michele. Funny and sweet. I need to start recording the things my girls say. Thanks for the giggle ;)

  18. wonderful! i love writing down the things my son says. He's also said something the other day about not putting things (sauce) that he doesn't like on the things he does (pasta)!


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