Thursday, March 28, 2013

Answers Wanted!


How are you today? Well, I hope.

Can I ask you a favour? I have a few questions - five of them actually - related to future projects for the Michele Made Me blog and business. I wondered if you could take a moment and answer a short survey as honestly and as best you can. I would be so grateful. All you do is click the link provided below and you'll be swiftly - and painlessly - transported to the curious land of surveys whereupon questions will materialize before your very eyes.  Good luck and Godspeed!

THIS SURVEY IS NOW CLOSED. Thank you so much for your help!

Have a lovely day now. Me? I have some unfinished placemats to um... finish.



  1. Filled in the survey! I’ve not been around for awhile to visit, but I love all your posts and pictures. Good luck with your future projects!

  2. Consider it done :-)
    A x

  3. i did it!
    thanks for keeping is short & sweet ♥

  4. Done! That was quick. Hope it helps, Michele.

  5. Oh, I'm sorry I came just today here!:(


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