Monday, April 29, 2013


I love this blog. Most everything about it. It is a creative outlet.  It is a body of work. It is a collection of thoughts. It is a way to connect.

But every now and then - this morning especially - I'm feeling its weight. The push to create. The work to keep it up-to-date. The pressure to be innovative. This blog is a job for me, you know? And while I love it, there are days when I just feel like calling in sick, hiding out under the covers, and staying in bed.

I'm tired......... It's raining......... My mind is elsewhere.........

I wonder if you feel this way sometimes.



  1. I read Ariane's blog the other day. I hope her husband is improving. Are his injuries life threatening or is he going to heal but in time? I'm keeping him in my prayers.

  2. yes, i feel that way sometimes. i don't advertise, though, so i don't have that pressure.
    when i feel like my inspiration is all wrung out, i try to remind myself that
    1. my mom reads my blog & is happy to see any news about me or her grandkids,
    2. there are countless beautiful moments in my day. chronicling just one of those in words or a photo or a song makes for a lovely post.

    call in sick & feed your creativity.
    we'll be here when you bounce back ♥

  3. That's how I felt last week. Take a break if you need it and don't feel bad about it. Get the rest you need to recharge.

  4. Amen! I feel this way from time to time, too. Blogs ARE jobs, and pretty relentless ones at that. Especially a blog like yours, which is all deeply original work. Creation really needs rest, and I sometimes worry that we creatives don't get our rest, what with all these online outposts demanding attention all the time.

    I know that having sponsors complicates that picture even more, but seriously - taking a couple days off won't hurt anybody!

  5. And yet you gave us a lovely rain print to look at, and a link to think about how many things are more important than the daily post.

    I loved today's 'untitled,' Michele, and hope you feel more like posting soon.

  6. Yes. The short answer.

    The long answer? We all need to step away from life from time to time, to focus and re-build and recharge. Don't apologize and don't fret. Your work speaks volumes, your voice is needed and heard and your audience will be here when you are ready.

  7. I know what you mean; I've felt that way too, Michele, and it sounds like others know this too. Yes, when you feel this way, it means time to take a break. We're still here. We're still your loyal blog followers. And I agree with Michelle L., it is a lovely rain print for us to look at. Thank you!

  8. Amen! Yup. I totally feel that way and I don't really have anyone to answer to. Sometimes I want to take a break or I just want to make things and not talk about it! Ha. Then I have phases when I can't wait to share. The ebb and flow is the same in other parts of my life. I try to ride it out. Today it was rainy and I took some hand stitching and watched a movie!! I feel kind of bad about that...there are so many things I should have been doing. But, I just couldn't bare to force it. So, I'm glad I'm in good company. I try to think of it as 'recharging". The move was Sarah's Key and it was very good.

  9. Take a breather if you need it... we'll all be here when you are ready and fresh! Don't hurry or worry because I think that all we really love is guilt free pleasure, right?

  10. Huh??? Sorry, the rain put me to sleep. That's what rainy days are for. We all know that. Sleep tight, now.

  11. Yep - we all have days like that! I'm sure I have less doing my blog though than another 'job'. Hope the rain passes soon. :)

  12. ....very often, lately!!! ;oD
    xxxx Ale

  13. Sometimes I just don't want to blog, so I leave it alone for a week or 2. I only post every few days, though, so I don't have the daily pressure. I have noticed that a lot of the blogs I visit have not been updated for a while, and the owner seems to have just walked away and never come back - not even a goodbye. Just stopped.


  14. Absolutely. That's when I don't blog. Nobody said you had to. Just blog when you want to. We will still be here... with bells on!

  15. Its you who determines when to post, so its you who can stagger the days or not post from time to time, allow yourself space to do...other things, when ever you like.
    We are the voyeurs of sorts lol
    A Blog doesnt need to be a job, in a be all and end all way surely?

    Unless its a major income provider maybe, which of course mine isnt so maybe I dont appreciate the Bloggy meaning of that.
    But if I felt pressure to 'perform' as it were............ Id not want to blog, Im sure Id feel a resentment occasionally perhaps.
    The thing is, we will all still be here as and when you pop in and out........ well, barring accidents in our lives too, so go easy on yourself and blog post less!
    And rest assured that you dont necessarily have to provide us with a tutorial or how to...........we come here because we like your personality not necessarily just for the how to do this or that.
    Go easy on your own expectations because Im sure we wont pressure you to stick to a schedule you know lol

  16. You are brilliantly creative and give all of us so much of yourself and your genius. When your mind and body are asking to be noticed, give them that space. Take as long as you need. We are not going away!!!!

  17. My thoughts have been with your sister... I hope that the healing process has begun for both her and her husband. (hugs)

  18. Oh my, Michele, I’m sorry to hear about your Sister’s husband. I hope he’s doing fine under the circumstances. Sending healing thoughts to him and hugs to you! Take care!


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