Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Five Additional Little Things

As in five additional little things you probably don't need to know about me but will in about 1.3 seconds:

Thing 1: Isolating and removing wheat from my diet for the whole of April to see if it will help an irritating skin condition I've tolerated for the last 15 years.

Thing 2: I live for wheat bread. White. Whole wheat. Cakes made with wheat. Lo's homemade donuts. Cookies. Noodly dishes. I LOVE Mini-Wheats. If I was marooned on a desert island with only a solar-powered breadmaker, some yeast, and all the necessary ingredients to make white bread, I would pretty much be in heaven. Well you know, except for the skin thing.

Thing 3: My husband, Lo, got me a beard for my birthday... Er... um... Well he didn't really GET me a beard for my birthday... Well yes he did... But it wasn't like he bought me facial hair for my birthday or anything... Well he kinda did... Um, okay. Here's the thing. I wanted a beard for my birthday okay?... Like, not for MY face or anything... No no... I wanted HIM to grow a beard for ME. So he grew one on HIS face for MY birthday... Get it?... Okay good.

Thing 4: Lo is sizzlin' hot with his salt 'n pepper beard. Like, tssssssssssss... I like. I really really like.

Thing 5: Been meaning to play with interesting shapes in junkmail since last summer. So playing, I am. See photos.

Now it's your turn. What little detail about YOU would you like to share with me? Come on come on... Let it out in the comments!


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  1. Interesting shapes indeed Michele!

    My husband always grows a beard when he has some days off of work. I prefer his fresh shaved face.

  2. Go for the no-wheat thing, but really give it a while. It's hard at first, but so worth it. The auto-immune issues that wheat brings up take a while to disappear, but you might be surprised at the other stuff that feels better in addition to the skin thing. The main thing I noticed was a lot less joint stiffness and inflammation.

    Congrats on the beard! My spousal unit grew his out after retiring from the AF, but refused to cut it. Wonderful at first. Until he began to look like the homeless veteran on the street corner--tall, skinny, long hair, scraggly beard. I think he was teaching me to stop nagging him for a beard. It worked. My suggestion? Insist on regular beard trimming. ;~)

  3. It was Easter, and I bought myself a white chocolate bunny! Once in the year! Yummy!

  4. The shapes you are cutting look so great together!! I've been wearing make-up everyday for the last two weeks. After almost 8 years of not wearing any except on rare occasions, that's a big deal. I cleaned my craft room the past weekend. Feels good....I can now be creative again. I sewed a dress for Brittany. That was a challenge.

  5. After you inspired me to pick up crochet again, I've been having so much fun making crochet scarves, I'm thinking everyone in the address book gets one for Christmas...every. single. person. (I'm working on #12 at the moment.) But can I go a year without doing a counted cross-stitch piece?

    Looks like you're putting together a quilt top, or a puzzle, but I'd bet money on a quilt top.

    And I sometimes wish I was a creative as you.

  6. Oh my, life without wheat would be hard for me too Michelle. I hope it helps you though. Wow, the beard thing is true dedication. I love the salt n pepper look on a guy too--my husband has it too though it is quickly turning to all salt and he is only 39! I love your paper bits.

  7. Those cuts are cool, very Escheresque! I like my guy with a beard, too. Hope your wheatless days give you an answer - either it helps definitively or not. It's the dreaded 'sorta maybe' you don't really want. Tell us your survey results soon, eh?

  8. Well, I love learning little bits and pieces!
    My husband (due to the dry skin he has that gets irritated when shaven) has been wearing a beard for 12 years now. He shaved it off last summer when we were on holiday and the kids did not recognize him when they saw him. It was hilarious! Jacob couldn't stop touching him in wonder.

  9. interessante

    venha conhecer meu blog e siga-o


  10. I have been gluten-free for 4 years now! You will totally fall in love with food again...only without skin problems:)
    My man just shaved his enormous beard. He grows one from the first day of Fall to the first day of Spring. Every year.
    And every time I always forget what his face is like under all that hair. LOL

  11. Beards: I met my husband when he had a beard. I married him when he had a beard. During one of his business trips (about six years after we married) he shaved off his beard because he was bored. I did recognise him when I picked him up from the airport, but decided that he could be an impostor, so kept looking at him all the way home just in case I'd picked up the wrong guy LOL. I let him remain beardless over the following summer, then begged him to regrow it. He's had one ever since. I like beards :-)

    Wheatless: I would stick with the wheatless thing a while longer. I've been wheatfree and sugar free for two years now. I feel so much better. My sinuses feel so much better. I've lost 15kg - that's the best bit!

    Crafting: I work too hard and craft too little - I'm working on changing that around.

    Paper Shapes: Love what you are doing with the shapes - you've made me look at junk mail very differently over the last few months :-D

    Janie x

    1. I love your beard story Janie. They do look like different people with and without the beards so one can't be too careful. :)

      So many people have these wheat stories which is so encouraging. I'm glad I'm finally doing it for real... What is it with grains, I wonder?

  12. I've been wheat free since last September with a few slips for birthdays and holiday treats. More actually, I've been almost entirely grain free/simple starch/sugar free. It's made a huge difference for my skin and my arthritis-like inflammation in major joints. And it's helped with peripheral nerve damage. Going simple starchless has been very healing. But it's hard. Look for "paleo" recipes using almond or coconut flour to help make it easier. The other thing you might want to consider is increasing your healthy fats... coconut oil especially is great for your skin. Eat it, cook with it, use it as a cleanser/moisturizer.

    Hubby is bearded... I love it when he keeps it trimmed but he's lazy and lets it grow out too long. If I want him sizzling hot, I have to trim it for him. It's worth it.

    This week I am playing with papier mache, hot glue, gold paint and various upcycling sculpture ideas so that my almost 14 year old son might be inspired to get going on his school art project. His teacher leaves everything totally open-ended for them and doesn't give much direction. It's hard for kids who have trouble getting started when they're told to "make a sculpture that represents you somehow." No materials provided, no instruction, no guidelines. Just 'come up with your plan, get my approval and do it.' So... I'm trying to provide some ideas and hoping he'll grab one or two and run with them (but not the scissors)... I'm having so much fun!!!

    1. Thanks for the food advice Rebecca. I'll take any I can get. I like the idea of cooking with coconut oil. Sounds perfectly yummy.

      It seems like beards are all the rage in this comment string, doesn't it? I never thought I'd be a beard lover until he actually grew me one. And now I think I've been fully converted. :)

      I'm so glad your having fun inspiring your son. I bet when he sees how much fun your having, that will be enough to get him going. Good luck with the project!

  13. Hahahaaa! I like a man with a beard too. Happy to hear you got it for you birthday. I like your junk mail puzzle. How fun! And I hope the non-wheat month helps your skin condition.

    Little confessions of mine? I too am on a special diet for a health condition and it's doing wonders! I used to have to take a bunch of pills and medication for it. On the diet, I don't have to take any. I'm very grateful for that!

    Another little confession? I just finished this self-help book that a friend gave me when I said I was feeling sad and lost. The book has given me a whole new perspective on life. It really helped me let go of fears and see my life clearly. I'm so grateful to my friend and for my new perspective.

    Hugs to you and all your blog readers!

    1. I'd love to know the title of that book Melissa! Sounds really great, and I'm so glad it has helped you. That's so awesome!

  14. Giving up wheat would be HARD! I hope it helps your skin, but then at least if it doesn't you can keep eating it! I only got my driver's licence last year. I always said I'd get it before I was 30 and realised I didn't have long left, so about 2 weeks before my birthday I went and got it. About time I grew up!

  15. You must show a picture of Lo with a beard - I would guess you can guess I like beards as Tim has one...I think they can be quite attractive if taken care of.

    It will be fun to see what you do with the junk mail bits.

    1.) I've been oil cleansing my face for almost a month now. I've done it before but never stuck with it. I wanted to stick with it because it really helps with the black heads in my very porous pores.

    2.) I am also oil pulling. I like how clean it makes my mouth feel.

    3.) I lost seven pounds in the month of March.

    4.) I am all over coconut oil too. I use it for pulling (or sesame oil) and I love it in rice.

    5.) I've been making jewelry this week. Mostly with silverware.

  16. Living in a third world country in an area where electricity is scarce, beards are the way to go - I love the effect on some of the guys around here, beach boy sexy!!!
    Bread and wheat products are quite hard to find unless you travel to the main town and I find I no longer miss them and when I do have access to them it no longer worries me - perhaps you will reach that stage?
    1) I have reached an age where I have realised I probably don't need a male in my life to succeed (shock & horror)
    2) You can rely on no-one but yourself to achieve thing things you want, the way you want them.
    3) If you want something, think it, breathe it, work it and then just do it - in one hour your world can change.
    4) Being friendly to everyone I see or meet seems to get me further then being a grouch.
    5) I love crafting, reading, writing and dreaming more then I love keeping house for lazy men - you shouldn't be condemned for what you love.


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