Tuesday, May 28, 2013

About The About

I have a very hard time responding to the question: "Who am I?" Saturday evening, I sat down with a pen and paper to re-write my "About" page. You'd think it would be easy for me to write about myself. I mean, I'm ME, right? This should be a cinch! I sat there for a solid hour. I wrote down a bunch of stuff and in the end I had a page full of... junk. Just a bunch of boring facts that say very little about me.

I scrapped the whole thing.

I want my "About" page to be a clear picture of me. I want it to say: THIS is Michele! THIS is who I am! BAM! Take that! Ya baby!

Know what I mean?

Problem is, I'm always changing. The Earth turns beneath my feet and I turn with it. I'm looking at my hands as I type this and I notice the skin has changed since the last time I examined them. My hands look older. The skin seems thinner, more fragile. I'm different than I was. And I know these changes are natural and inescapable. But they mean that an "About" page cannot possibly capture the essence of a living, breathing, changing creature. An "About" page will never be more than a few momentary glimpses in the life of a person.

What would you suggest a girl blogger do about it, I wonder?



  1. Loved to read your about page!

    In Art School we once had an assignment to make a self-portrait, just by using words. That was such a challenge, as it also needed to look typographically interesting.

    1. I love that idea Nicolette. Hmm... you got me thinking. :)

  2. Just say this is me Today! Tomorrow I will add more life to my person, always changing, growing, experiencing, learning, etc.!!

    I hope I'm getting better with age, I have to stop myself from being to critical or offering my opinion when not asked!!
    I thought wisdom would come (with age)and I would have the answers.....still waiting!!!!!

  3. Tricky, very tricky. I think you have done a beautiful job w your current about page. You could put a link to this post, too, 'cause it's fantabulous. That paper portrait is amazing!

  4. Beautifully written, Michele. So true... I have a hard time writing about myself as well. I guess you just have to capture the essence of your ever-evolving life.

  5. Michele, I know what you mean. I have a hard time too for the same reason. Changing all the time! But I solved it by saying why I love play and why I believe in play. Saying what you believe and why you do what you do is an inspiring way to write an about page.

  6. Michele, my advice would be to copy and paste the entire paragraph you just posted. It's beautifully written.

  7. I love your about page and I am sure that if you want to change it - you will do it perfectly. So.. I'll just sit here and wait to read more :)

  8. Um compositor brasileiro dos anos 60/70 escreveu: "eu prefiro ser esta metamorfose ambulante do que ter a velha opinião formada sobre tudo".
    Espero que o Google tradutor não mude tudo...
    Um abraço!


  9. I loved Lynette's response - because it is true for every one of us, isn't it? About today does not have to cover about tomorrow! Like everything else in life - about pages need to be updated!

    In any case - you will always be my hero!

  10. Very true what you say. Some times we don't even notice when we have changed.

  11. I think it's pretty universal among creative people, this challenge of talking about ourselves. And an About page is probably the hardest place to do it - you mean I have to boil down everything I see, hear, smell, and feel in a few pithy paragraphs?! Ack!

    Sometimes I just want to feed my Instagram feed into my About page and call it done. :-)

  12. I usually try to ignore it...


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