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  1. I lean right, but then I'm a righty. I love cursive, but since my hand shakes quite a bit, as in spilled soup every time, I really don't very often any more. Your cursive looks lovely! (And BTW, how did you do that on the computer?)


    1. A magical little tool called a scanner. :)

  2. I love to write in cursive because I find it faster to do. I lean both ways. It depends on my mood!

  3. The nuns taught me to lean right!

  4. I used to have very bubbly, upright cursive, but then I started leaning right - simply because I like the look of a more formal style.

  5. I don't do cursive all that well; I do print/cursive hybrid and although I am right-handed my letters lean left. PS: the only F I ever got in school was in 5th grade in Handwriting. Palmer Method and me - not friends.

  6. I usually print completely straight up and down, but cursive I lean right.
    When I was learning, though, I couldn't decide either.
    Creative minds, I suppose!

  7. I lean to the right...except in politics. Then it's to the left!

  8. ok, this is too weird that you posted this today. I got a check today and went to sign the back... I signed it. Then looked at my signature and was like, 'Is that the way I typically slant my letters? Or do I do it the other way?' Seriously! Haven't thought about my lean, or slant as I was calling it today, in years! But I did today! funny!

  9. Mostly right, but sometimes its a cross between printing and writing (if that makes any sense)

  10. I deleted my previous comment in which I was saying that I rarely write in cursive! What nonsense!! I ALWAYS write in cursive and I lean slightly on the right. I am a bit "scatterbrain" today :)

  11. I was also taught by the nuns to lean right. Now I alternate between Italic (which I learned in recent years and which also leans right) and my older cursive hand. I like both and love to write them with fountain pens.

  12. Oh, my! This is so whimsical and fun! I love your illustration for this post!

    I haven't written in cursive for a while either, but I've done some cut paper art with it---does that count? I don't know.

    I think if I lean it would be towards the right. Usually, all my handwritten notes are in a strange Capital Handwriting that I invented for myself when I started college---oh so many years ago.

  13. with politics, i lean left.
    with handwriting, i lean right.

    really, truly, i wrote this before reading cathy's comment!
    too funny.

    and, michele, i love that you use magical tools : )

  14. I'm a right-leaner. I think it makes it easier to read since that is the direction our eyes are going.

  15. I bet which way we lean suggests something about our persoanalities lol but thats like reading horoscopes, the explanaition could be generic or codswallop!
    I lean left but tend to be more upright with leftish flourishes!
    But when younger I remember agonising because my writing didnt look like what teachers were teaching us in Grammar I can see I was just finding my creativeness!
    Interestingly my cousins, now in thier late 40s all write exactly the same, so rigid was the literacy teaching there and then.

  16. Ha, both ways, depending on my mood, how I'm sitting, the type of writing utensil, whether I'm jotting notes or writing letters....lots of different reasons. By the way, leaning right is when I'm being proper. Otherwise, I could go either way.

  17. I lean to the right. I was just thinking about this the other day. I never write in cursive anymore and have lost my "style". I feel like I've reverted back to my fourth grade handwriting.

    Curious, do they teach cursive in school there? Here in CA it's no longer mandatory :(


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