Saturday, June 1, 2013

Quilty Things

A small retrospective of quilty things I've made over the last few years. Been meaning to gather them all on their own page for a time... Finally got around to doing it. I had fun going back into the archives and finding each one. Hunting through old posts. Searching for buried treasure. I found stuff my tiny brain had pretty much purged. This is the beauty of blogs, isn't it?

Did you notice all the different backgrounds? I never realized it before, but I guess I don't like to repeat myself. Nope, I surely don't like to repeat myself. I am a fan of variety. Variety rocks my socks.

Hey... Can you spot any quilty trends?

Here are the various links if you're curious to know more about any of these projects:

1) Lo's Quilt 2) So Early In The Morning 3) Kept in Stitches Kaleidoscope 4) City Streets  5) Raspberry Rows 6) Sand and Beach Balls 7) Baby Shoo-Fly 8) Dresden Placemats 9) Hexistential



  1. wow!!! what a huge collection!!!!
    happy weekend, xxxx Ale

  2. So handy to have this sort of page for both your self and your readers. I just created a similar page/tab on my blog two days ago.

  3. Beautiful quilts! I really really like the last one (number nine), Iove scrappy quilts!

  4. Oh my goodness! I had not realized you had made so many quilts! You home must be one very cozy place - there must be a gorgeous comfy quilt to wrap up in within reach almost anywhere!

  5. They are to drool over Michele! All of them fabulous, still I am unusually drawn to the section below - 7,8 and 9 rock my socks!

  6. They are all wonderful, the trend I see is circles. I have a passion for circles, balls and orbs,too.

    1. I hadn't even noticed that one, but you're totally right Althea. :)

  7. They are so beautiful, stunning and unique, just like you!

  8. They're all so marvelous. I like that you've put them together in one post. They are so fun. I like #6 the best----and now I know why----Sand & Beach Balls----that's soooo me!


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