Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Video Interview: Creating My Way To Success

A fab new sponsor has graced this blog with her presence in recent weeks and it's about time I make her feel welcome and known to you. Actually, I decided it might be really fun to meet her in person, so that is exactly what I did! Here is my video interview - the first I've ever done... well, sort of - with Jill from Creating my way to Success. Enjoy!

If I were to sum up Jill's blog, Creating my way to Success, in a few words, I would say that it is first a craft blog, and second, a personal exploration into growing a small business. Jill is a wife and mother of two. She is a teacher and sewist who shares her adventures in creativity through sewing, upcycling, and crocheting too. You'll find loads of free tutorials here, like the giant pencil pencil case mentioned in the interview. You'll find the on-going upcycling linky page, and you'll also find a weekly linky party known as A Round Tuit where readers can post their personal creations and inspirations.
Not only that, but Jill also shares how she is making a business out of this craft blogging thing. Personally, I find these latter posts especially interesting. Jill's very frank take on what it's like to negotiate her way through the roller coaster ride that is an on-line creative business is both refreshing and helpful. It puts things in perspective for me and drives me to press on and to experiment. Jill is a teacher by profession and a skilled motivator too, so for these reasons I'm drawn to her writings.
Check out our video conversation, and pop on over to Creating my way to Success for a visit, won't you?
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  1. How much fun did I have watching two of my favorite people bounce ideas about blogging, crafts and life? It went all the way to 11! Great interview, on both ends. Nice editing job, Michele, you are getting so good at this.

  2. Gostei muito apesar das dificuldades para traduzir.
    Um abraço!


  3. Thanks so much Michelle! You say SOO many nice things about me and my blog - I'm extremely flattered and excited to see the interview published!! THANK YOU!!!!!


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