Sunday, July 21, 2013

Party Origami by Jessica Okui

I received a copy of a sweet booklet in the mail the other day, and I thought I'd share a little bit of it with you today. Let me just say that I'm acquainted with the author, Jessica Okui, of the blog Zakka Life, and as a result, am totally biased about the book!

Jessica's book is called "Party Origami: Paper and Instructions for 14 Party Decorations". And it is exactly that. I keep calling it a book but it's actually a kit.

It contains 75 sheets of gorgeous paper and step-by-step instructions for preparing 14 paper party pretties. Here's a small sampling of some of the papers included.

The Boy and I tried several of the book's projects. We made the bow napkin rings - I just love these - and the bird placecard holders (see photos above), among others. The Boy got his choice of papers to use and he took his sweet time picking out just the right ones, I must say.

Jessica's instructions are clear and no-nonsense. And I, like The Boy, was in heaven leafing through all the delicious papers she included. We haven't yet had the chance to use our projects in an actual party setting, but oh we will.

Congratulations for creating this elegant origami kit Jessica, and thank you for allowing us to test drive it!


DISCLOSURE: I received a copy of "Party Origami: Paper and Instructions for 14 Party Decorations" for review. The above opinions and statements are my own.


  1. The booklet seems to be very useful for different occasions. This summer it happened so that I led several origami workshops for children and I discovered that the more I was folding, the more I was getting fascinated and... addicted.:D So, I will add it to my list for orders. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I wish those were fabrics! So so cute!

  3. It's quite a genius idea for a craft book/kit/party planner! the projects look so sweet, fun and beautiful...I think it's an extra cool element that a kid can make these projects.

  4. The little bow ties are darling...

  5. Wow! How fun! Yes, the bow ties are wonderful!

  6. Michele,

    Thanks for the kind review :) Your origami pieces came out great!


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