Monday, July 8, 2013


Do you sometimes feel like the universe is conspiring?

We discovered this little creature and a tangerine sibling on the woodpile in our old garage this weekend. We're trying not to disturb them. The orange one is skittish and hides whenever I peek in. I captured this one with the zoom lens on. It stared me down with a steely gaze as I took its picture.

We haven't seen the mother.

My heart is feeling all strange. I'm drawing pictures of them. I've named them: Ashes and Embers.

I've never owned a cat. Never had a pet. Well... except for our cute fishes. 

Ooooh, I'm so torn... What do I do???



  1. Oooh, your drawing is stunning, Michele.

    I think the universe will make its intentions known to you fairly soon. Even if you don't end up taking them, you might turn out to be instrumental in finding them a home? In the meantime, if you're worried, put out some water and a bit of cat food, you will feel better.

  2. Aww, poor puddins. Whatever you decide to do: try and keep them together, kittens love each others company. You could also ring up your local animal shelter, I bet they can help you with all your questions. We used to have a cat too (and we never had any before) and it was just the best and we miss her still every day!
    Keep us up to date!

  3. Follow your heart’s instinct Michele. I’m sure you know what you want to do. In the meantime (while making up your mind) it sounds like a real good idea to call an animal shelter and ask for their expertise and some water and cat food also sounds like a great idea.

  4. Pros: They are fairly low-maintenance, compared to dogs, requiring no walks or baths. They are fun to watch, and they'll play tag with your toes while you make the bed. They love to sit in your lap and purr. Also while you're online, on the toilette, or on a sewing mission. They can be a connection to nature to those who need it.

    Cons: They are best kept as indoor pets, but if not, should be fixed so as not to make more. Indoors, they have a litterbox. They add a new dimension (and fiber) to your daily life in the form of shed hair. You cannot train them, but they might let you think you have once just often enough to give you hope. They will wake you when they've decided you should get up.

    I fought having another cat after my Sydney died...fought it for seven years, and finally succumbed to a wee wicked stray with bold eyes like your Ashes there. Sometimes I regret it, but mostly I don't. The extra fiber's a plus, really.

  5. Try to socialize them. It will take time and patience. I had a momma with one take up residence in the junk pile of a former next door neighbor. Her kitten was exceptionally feral although she was not. We put out food for them, took a plastic crate and made a home with old towels so they had a warm and dry place to be. It took 8 weeks of sitting on the deck steps before the kitten came up to my daughter, and another 3 weeks of allowing them in the house before the kitten actually let us pet her. She was never a "lover" as her mom was, but she was a wonderful cat.

    Check for no-kill shelters in your area. They are staffed by wonderful people who can give you ideas for helping these two. I would strongly recommend that you accept the financial responsibility for their initial shots and getting them spayed or neutered, even if you don't decide to keep them. They should also be tested for feline leukemia. Not every no-kill can take cats with this disease but it is not a death sentence for a cat to have it. A fantastic resource is Best Friends Animal Society.

    You have been blessed. Yes, it is a responsibility. Suddenly, you can't just pack up the car and go. After the momma and daughter mentioned above went over the rainbow bridge, I felt it was time to just be me, no pets. I lasted 10 days. I could not bear the emptiness of the house. I actually had pizza delivered to the office one night because the quiet house disturbed me so. Any pet can give you unconditional love. I think there is nothing, absolutely nothing finer than waking up next to a purring cat.

    Keep us posted.

  6. Ah!!! How sweet. This is very familiar to me. I never allowed my kids to have pets because I knew the burden of looking after them would eventually fall on me and I just didn't have the time. About 5 years ago a feral cat and her two kittens wandered into our garden I fed them and they stayed. We tamed them although they lived outside and never came in the house. Other cats eventually came and eventually more kittens. We had a total of 12 one time. I'd lay down a plastic cloth outside and put food down for them twice a day which I cooked for them everyday. Although we tamed all of them some were friendlier than others. My favourite was Lucky and Fluffy who was a Persian cat.
    In time it got to the point where they would all sit by the front door and as soon as I opened it they would all run into the house. It was a nightmare because some of them wouldn't let me hold them long enough to put flee powder on them and I did get flees in the house at one point.
    As the years went on some left, some were killed by cars. I don't have any now and the last 6 kittens I spotted in the garden I left well alone. It's worse than having children. When you go away you can take your kids with you but so many cats, it's impossible. If you have the time and patience to tame them they will give you loads of pleasure but be warned more will appear. LOL

  7. I just lost two of my beloved little ones and we are fighting for the life of Bisu (the third one). Although I love cats I never wanted one because I didn't know where I would end up... and in science you have one short term contract after the other... I thought it would not have been fair. And then the mother of my flat mate at that time rescued little half dead four week old cats. She couldn't take care of them so I did. I never regret it and am just still crying about Dean and Grusel and missing them terrible.

    Just a few people I know, actually really chose to have a cat (talking about cat owners). Most of them just "happened" to get a cat. Like in my case with the sos cases, nearly starved to death and with pneumonia and worms and everything... sometimes someone just have to give it away... and more often than not a cat turnes up like in your case.

    A cat happens. ^^

    They add something special to the every day life. You have to earn their love and they are not as dependent like dogs (they still are, my cats are/were fixed on only me, but in a different way). I like this because it is like with everything and every person in life. Don't take it for granted. But then... nothing is calming like a cat purring on your lap and they also take care of you. Just last friday we went (again) to the vet with Bisu and I started crying. Even while he was afraid and is so terrible ill an weak, he tried to get to me, ignoring everyone around, because I was upset.

    On the other hand, it will be a lot of responsibility. The medical cost of an cat can be very expensive (yes, I always considered also the financial responsibility).

    And the worst: Losing them will break your heart.

  8. You've already received some great answers! All the best with the kitties!

  9. With cats, you can have several different choices of pet ownership. You can go with the most non-committed route, or just putting food out randomly, and feeling good about providing food and a safe place. If you take the time to get them used to you, you can pet them, and have a bit more interaction. It's up to you what type of interaction you chose to have with them. I hope you enjoy them, cats are a lot of fun!

  10. Usually you don't adopt cats, they adopt you ;)
    It's easy to have cats at home, don't worry. And the one in the picture is a female, she's 3 coloured hair.

    1. Probably a female. I choose my cat over a ginger sibling, knowing the ginger one would be a boy. As a kitten, my cat looked a lot like that little one, and his name is Max.

  11. What a cutie!
    Lots of advice has been given, and someone stated to call the neighbourhood shelter for advice. I think that is a great idea. Considering the size of the kitty, I would not be surprised if mommy is still around.
    And keeping cats as a pet is just awesome (aside from the fleas). I love their character and how they interact with you. Just love 'em.

  12. I love the photo and your drawing. Good luck figuring out what to do.

  13. Cute! I adopted cat few weeks back. It is my first pet and we are still getting to know each other. I don't regret it one bit. It's true the cat picks you, you don't pick it. I find my cat pretty much has the same temperament as me.

  14. I think deep in your heart you've already decided. I adopted a beautiful little stray kitten two years ago and I can't imagine life without her in it. You'll never regret it~

  15. I hope they are tame-able. I live in the country & have five male outdoor cats, but in the winter I have a large heated pet mat in a nest box for them in the barn and a heated water dish. Mine are all tame, and the best mousers. Kittens are the most adorable heart tugging creatures.

  16. Okay years of cat rescue here so I reckon your already suckered honey, get used to it lol
    Ashes looks to be a torty female and those 'patchy' kind are generally friendly and fussy.
    Virtually all gingers are male, odd that. Okay yes, as has already been said, cats choose you and those eyes are inquisitive, confident and not immediately frightened, so she has determination but I can see great possibility there to tame her down.
    Fab names!
    Embers will allow Ashes to do the front line meetings and he will simply follow her lead allowing her to take the risks lol untill hes big enough to be a stroppy teenager and excerise his prowess...... though frequently they are still 'all mouth and trousers', as it were.
    They may have been dumped locally or mum has left them and moved on or of course died.
    She looks to be about 8-10 weeks but hard to tell withour actually seeing her. So Mum may already be pregnant again and have shoved them aside. I guess youve checked shes nowherearound laying dead?
    Provide a watertight shelter of sorts if you can some place that allows them to feel secure.
    BACH Flower Remedy or any similar health product wil help you.
    Put afew drops in water and food you leave out for the fur babies. Its a calmative and we always used it prior to trapping ferals, it calms them and make events less traumatic for them.
    Its for humans too if you get too stressed!! ( not as good as gin or wine mind you>>>)
    Chat away to them at every opportunity, hi are you today, arent you beautiful, gosh my back aches today etc etc after a while you will see they watch and listen, trying desperately to look as if they care not a jot.
    Dont look them in the eye first off, its all on their terms this socialising, you coerce them into being inquisitive enough to come hither.

  17. hello I say things happen for a reason and since you never owned a pet. Well let me experience to you that those kitten have been put in your life for a reason and i think its to show you what you have been missing. I now could not fa them living without the love of my children and husband and my three dogs. Pet love is a whole different kind of love and you should have the experience. I promise you will not regret it

  18. Trap them and then bring them inside and keep in a big wire dog kennel (so they can see out) for a few days. I have been helping a friend disperse an accidental cat colony that formed at her house, and the wildest scrappiest one, once trapped and "forced" to experience human affection, became so completely docile and lovable. She was even able to bathe him and cut burrs out of his fur.
    Anyways, this could be a great step to socializing them, whether you end up with them or someone else. Give them toys, and a litter box in there and let them get used to you for about a week before letting them out into the house. I suspect you will fall in love with them. Look, you've already given them such great names!

  19. As for flea control, you can find good deals on Amazon where you buy the quantity sold for huge dogs, but it comes with a little amber bottle and a (needle-less) syringe to administer the right dose per weight. It is so incredibly cheap, and the exact same stuff--just controlled by how much you give each cat. With kittens you can put one drop on the back of their head and it works; I've tried it.

  20. I think you need TWO kitties - and they definitely need YOU!

  21. Hi,
    You've already gotten great advice and I won't repeat what's already been said (liniecat especially). I've never been without a cat all through my kidhood and now as an adult. I can't imagine being without a cat in the house (I live alone).
    Just some bits and pieces: don't have just one cat, take the two; get them spayed or neutered (there are pros and cons on whether to let the female have her first heat - ask your vet). As for vets, talk to friends who have pets (preferably cats) as to who their vets are.
    DO NOT - let me repeat - DO NOT get them declawed. This is gross but take your index finger and put your other finger on the second knuckle down. That is how far back they have to go to declaw them in order to get the complete nail bed. Now think about what you would feel like if someone took all your fingers and did that to you. Buy them a scratch pole right away and show them what to do. I don't know about giving catnip to kittens but I sprinkle a bit of catnip on the scratch pole and none of my cats have ever scratched at the furniture. Except my last one, if you weren't paying sufficient attention to him when HE wanted attention he would come right up to me, look me in the eye and reached to scratch on the chair I was sitting in. I used a squirt bottle full of water to help disuade him.
    It's never too early to get them used to certain things: clipping their nails and brushing them. I always look at it as an extra for the cat and therefore give them treats for letting me do it. I don't give out a lot of treats as that is what they are "treats" not part of their regular diets.
    I don't know what else to tell you. I would keep them as indoor cats especially if you declaw them (DO NOT DECLAW!). The people who live next to my Dad have a ginormous cat who lets them walk him on a leash. He's also tied up on a long rope so he has lots of space to wander but can't get out to run into traffic. I've also heard of people making outdoor runs for their cats. If you do let them out in any manner start with the flea medication as soon as possible in the season. Once again, I don't know about kittens. I live in an apartment five floors above the ground and my cat goes out there. I have storage shelves in front of my windows and he likes to lay there watching the birds, watching all around and he can see me in the room behind him. I've never brushed any of my cats' teeth but if they do get decayed for whatever it can give them kidney disease that they can die from.
    I know it sounds like I'm being a Debbie Downer but I love cats with all their weirdnesses and idiosyncrasies. I love their independence and their need to be with their human. I prefer males as that is what I'm used to.
    I think you've already made up your mind so just go with it. There is such a thing as serendipity! Please keep all of us informed as to what you decide.
    All the best,
    P.S. Great picture! Keep them coming!

  22. well, if you aren't allergic, I'd keep the little guys! I'm sooo allergic to cats! but they are so cute and usually pretty sweet! But if not, try to get them to your local shelter, so that they can get adopted before they become to feral! We have a neighborhood cat that kept having kittens. The last batch was able to be adopted but the pound people fixed the mom and brought her back! Now she's kinda our neighbor's cat! and we all kinda pitch in with taking care of her! I can't believe you've never had pets! We just got a new pup!!!

  23. Crazy cat lady here...

    The universe has spoken by way of kittens! How can you say no? Poor things can't be more than a couple of months. Too young to be on their own. Thank goodness it isn't winter. Even if you decide you are not ready for the commitment, perhaps you can be the one to help them to the next step.

    And don't worry about the orange one being skittish -- as soon as he recognizes humans as a stable food source, he'll come around.

  24. Love your drawings - you will figure it out - I know you. :)

  25. Adopting a stray yeowling, starving, cut up, tailess cat,(we named him Bob, as in Bobcat!), who appeared at our door 11 years ago, was the best thing we ever did. He is the lovingest and yet most independent and aloof member of my family. Do it, you won't regret the love you will gain - unless of course you are allergic to cats!


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