Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What is up with my flying slippers?

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It's chilly today. The sun's out, sure, but the air is crisp. I can feel it through these covers. Maybe I'll just stay nestled under here for a couple more minutes... Naw, I can't. It's a school day and The Boy will be off soon. His belly needs fillin' and his body needs clothin'. Time to get up.

Brrr, the floor's cold. Oh, my little feet. You need to be wrapped in somethin' warm this mornin', don't ya? It's slipper time. Where the blazes are my flying slippers?

Second drawer and to the left. There you are my babies. Let me put you on and everything will be right with the world again.

Wait! What's this I see? Oh no! Could it be? That's not a hole, is it? Why, yes it is!!! How in heaven's name did you get in there, I wonder!

Well, I guess I could be to blame for it. I trudged about in you babies for the better part of two wintery seasons now, eh? Trompin' across these floors, up the stairs and down again, and of course flyin' all over creation... I suspect that could account for the wear in you, my sweets.

Let's fix you up then. That's right. I'm not finished with you, not by a long shot. There's plenty of life left in you yet. Let me get The Boy off for the day and then I'll deal with you straight-away...

Okeedokey now. Let's just get out our needle and thread, and we'll fix you up so you're as good as new... Well, almost. Still... that's not so bad... Maybe Momma needs a bit more practice, eh?

Never you mind, you'll keep me airborne for a couple more seasons I wager. Very nice!


Learn how to darn your socks (or slippers) from The Coletterie: Darning. Or if you have time to sit for a bit, there's also:
  • THIS video from Greenfibres that's long-ish but good. 
  • And HERE is a fascinating set of videos showing an alternative method of repairing knitted socks courtesy of Knit Picks.


  1. You’re genius! They look fabulous!

  2. Michelle,

    I'm curious, how do you clean your slippers? Do you use the washing machine or hand wash them?

    1. I throw them in the washing machine... Huh, maybe that helps wear them out too eh? Maybe I should hand-wash them? Great idea!

  3. Seu chinelo parece muito gostoso.
    Eu uso um ovo de madeira para cerzir minhas meias.
    Olhe em:
    Um abraço!

    Her slipper looks very tasty.
    I use a wooden egg for darning my socks.
    Look for:

  4. Okay, have you been looking in my sock drawer? Those aren't holes, they're ... ah ... um ... manual air conditioners. Yes ... that's it. That will be my story. You just think of everything, Michelle.

  5. I darn things, too! Would you happen to have the crochet pattern for those?

    Crafty Journal

    1. Hi Noreen,

      This turkish slipper pattern comes from the book "Simple Crochet" by Erika Knight published by Clarkson Potter © 2003. Hope that helps. :)


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