Friday, October 18, 2013

Oh My Feed...

My poor blog feed is sick. Sigh... If you're reading this, you've arrived here via some other magical route. I and a couple of friendly cyber-angels are trying to restore it to health. As a result, though, it's been pretty quiet around here. You can hear the crickets if you listen hard. It's something I did, I have no doubt. Perhaps it was a wrongly pressed button, a word typed edgewise or, heaven forbid, a dropped colon... No one knows for sure, but the feed is simply not updating.

In the meantime, we keep trying. That, plus I'm doing lots of stretches, taking deep breaths, and keeping my fluids up. That won't change anything of course, but at least I'll be healthy even if my blog feed isn't, right?



  1. Ah, I wondered why I hadn't gotten any updates. Thanks for letting me know. I hope you get it back up soon. Sorry to hear it. Yep, keep healthy and happy in the meantime!

  2. I think it's working now! It just appeared in my blogger feed, anywhoo, and so did the howling masks. Did I miss anything else? So sorry you stressed - ugh, the tech can make us crazy.

  3. It’s working now Michele, the blog post appeared in Feedly! I hope it’s all solved soon so you can destress! Happy weekend!

  4. Hi Michelle

    Yes its working for me too but McAfee warned me that your have some potentially suspicious sites linked which might be impacting.

    Good luck

  5. As I still follow you with my blogger dashboard, there seems to be now problem for me :)

  6. Cyber poo poo! Sorry for your troubles. It's the hardest part of living this lifestyle, but we march on, eh? Hope you have lots of miracles fixing things for you behind the scene as well as the ones by your side. Don't give up, we need you. JoaT ST

  7. I love your blor, it´s so inspiring


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