Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Colourful Quilted Cushion. Check!

Hey there. How are ya?

It's November eh?

I finished my cushion.

Remember I mentioned it back here? The photo up top is the front and down below is the back. It's got a zip and everything so I can take it off and wash it clean. Fancy eh? We're doing it, and we're doing it right, man.

The cushion is the first tiny step in my quest for a more colourful life - or living room at least - because as you know...


Sorry. Yelling again.

More colour to come...


HERE's a helpful bow-tie block tutorial just in case you're interested in whipping up your own colourful cushion courtesy of Twin Fibers.


  1. The quilting really revs this up a notch - it looks fabulous - so impressed that you put a zipper in. I always do envelopes style cushions for the washability factor - I don't like sewing zippers. :)

  2. Oooooh, pretty, pretty, pretty COLOR! Love it, Michele. Great job. Looking forward to more of your COLORFUL creations!

  3. Looks like you're off to a great start adding color to your living room! Such a great assortment of color and I love the scrappy triangles on the back. It could even be the front!

  4. I LOVE this! It looks pretty big too.
    Just the thing we all need when the sun goes to sleep in the winter!

  5. Love it Michele! I’m also smitten with the back !

  6. Fantastic result!
    That amazing style of quilting it adds a different dimension to it too - ace!

  7. Ms. SpoolTeacher's browser didn't load the "up top" picture but she got a glimpse in the "you might like this" image after she clicked to remember the beginning. Her mother was Canadian and eh is common among her rellies who still live there. She loves to hear you say it. She can't seem to help herself either lots. Beautiful job, Michelle Made Me, just lovely. Ms. ST is lazy and puts her zippers for deco pillows smack in the middle and makes them a feature...

  8. What I liked was the stacks of books you leaned your pillow against. I spent many, many minutes trying to read the titles on the end. Is she reading something I should add to my list? Oh ... um ... yeah. Like the pillow, too. Very colorful. ;)

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  10. Love it! So sunny and cheerful. Esp. with the photo wall.

  11. Je te félicite pour tout le travail que tu fais et pour toute la connaissance que tu as !
    Merci aussi pour tes encouragements.


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