Thursday, January 30, 2014

Five Little Things

Five little things on my plate today:

Thing 1: Making warm, delicious, nutty, steel cut oats for breakfast.
Thing 2: Shovelling snow out of the driveway for the 4th time this week... Oh, Canada!
Thing 3: Bringing in wood for the woodstove.
Thing 4: Re-reading a few pages in one of my favourite little books, "The Art of Living" by Epictetus (A New Interpretation by Sharon Lebell).
Thing 5: Working on two new quilting projects: this one from the other day, and a brand new one I'll be releasing to the shop in the not-too-distant future if all goes as planned...

All in all, it's shaping up to be a good one.


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  1. yummmmm n nice to see you again : )

  2. Still no snow here Michele, wich I regret a little, so I would love to come over and shovel your snow! The wood stove sounds a lot more cozy than our central heating! Enjoy your quilting projects, can’t wait to see the progress and the reveal of the new design!

    1. Thanks Nicolette, I'll keep you posted... literally. :)

  3. Hello Michelle - great to see you are back. Sorry about the bad experience that soured your relationship with the internet.
    I found you were blogging again by accident because my blogreader (inoreader) is no longer picking up your new posts. It seems to be something to do with your xml feed (sorry I really dont know what I am talking about). If you do perhaps you could let me know.


    1. I've had a few messages like yours, Dawn. I'm not sure what the problem with my feed is but I'm on it... Thanks for letting me know!


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