Friday, February 12, 2016

The Headless Paperboy by The Boy

The Headless Paperboy is a recycled superhero created inside The Boy's head and brought to life with a little help from me and Lo. Made almost exclusively of paper recyclables like newspaper, paper rolls, an egg carton, a cardboard box, a couple of ice cream boxes, and one sardine can, along with glue and paint, he came together sometime last year and I've only now taken the time to pose him for a picture.

The Headless Paperboy stands roughly 4 feet tall and, at the time of his birth, he and The Boy were roughly the same height. Since then, The Boy has far surpassed him.

According to mythology, The Headless Paperboy uses his highly precise flame-shooting fork to propel himself to great speeds and heights, and to pulverize any plastics that dare litter our beautiful green Earth. He's headless because headless is cool. Um, we can't quite remember what the sardine can on his chest does but rest assured it is lethal and amazing!

The Headless Paperboy: ridding the world of plastic one water bottle at a time!



  1. I love it sooooo much! Thanks for sharing it. The Boy is pretty awesome! And you are awesome parents!

    1. The Boy is awesome, Melissa, I agree. I love his design sense. It's very consistent and distinct.

  2. Creativity and imagination run deep in your family!
    Well done young man and nice work the supporters lol

    1. Thanks Liniecat, I'll relay the message. He'll be so pleased you like it! :)


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