Friday, March 11, 2016

Egg Carton Super Chick PDF Tutorial To The Rescue

How to make an Egg Carton Super Chick PDF Tutorial @ Michele Made Me

My deeo fwend, might you need saving today? Is wife, wif its many woes and nevo-ending compwications, geding you down? Do you need a fwendwy someone in a pink cape and owange cwown to come down fwum da sky to sweep you off yo feet and bwing joy to you now? Weo... nevo feeo. It is I! Supo Chick to da weskew!

I have dedicaded my chickwet wife to bwinging smyos to sad faces and to dwying wet teos. My favowite job in da wold is heoping angwee folk waff again.

Do you want me to come to yo house to heop you now? As you can imagine, I am avaiwabo at da cwick of a button. Check me out in da Micheo Made Me Shop!

Egg Carton Super Chick PDF Tutorial in the Michele Made Me Shop

Hi there!

Michele here.

Yes, what Super Chick says is true. Her sole purpose in life is indeed to make others happy. A noble task if ever there was one. And now she - or a downloadable PDF tutorial showing exactly how to make her - is, in fact, in The Shop just in time for Easter!

Egg carton required for Egg Carton Super Chick @ Michele Made Me

Be advised that to make her, you will need an egg carton (as above), a serrated steak knife, scissors, a hole punch, some glue, a bit of paint and paintbrush, a marker, needle-nose pliers and a couple of straight pins.

Side view of Egg Carton Super Chick craft @ Michele Made Me

The Egg Carton Super Chick: Saving the world one frowny face at a time!



  1. Aww, Super Chick is so cute. :) I hope you have a wonderful time "weskewing" people, Super Chick!

  2. Cute idea - and fun way to use an egg carton!

    Crafty Journal

  3. Super clever - again. I love your egg carton crafts. Alas, mine attempts never look so thoroughly adorable. I will continue to try!

    1. Thank you bookkm, I'm glad you like the Super Chick. Naturally, she likes you right back. :)


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