Saturday, October 9, 2010

There Are 157 Words in This Post

The post title is silly. I didn't know what else to call my post so that's what I went with. It may or may not be accurate. Pretty sure it's the latter.

So, I'm practicing my free-motion quilting and freezer paper stenciling. I made these Ent potholders for my little girl. Okay, not-so-little girl.

Definition of ENT:

You know, the old tree-like creatures that came alive in The Lord of The Rings. Yes, yes. I know that regular trees are alive. What I mean to say is "mobile" rather than alive. Those guys.

My stitches are quite uneven. I'm so tense while I'm free-motioning. I feel like old Betty (my sewing machine) is going to suddenly take flight she's moving so quick for her age. I gotta relax. Tips? Suggestions? Ideas? Maybe I need lotion or something?

By contrast the stenciling is quite relaxing. The possibilities are endless and it's such a simple technique. I'm looking forward to some intricate designs.

Have an lovely evening and Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!


  1. Fabulous, fun potholders! My advice for the free motion quilting is pretty fast and evenly with the foot and slow and evenly with the hands. Then again, I am still practicing so feel free to ignore me.

  2. This looks awesome!!! I love them!

  3. No suggestions here as they are completely out of my realm...but I do like them.

  4. Hi Michelle - I am also still learning free motion but have gathered a few tips as I am going along.
    One of the blogs I read is doing a series of tutorials and I am getting quite a few from her.... I only have a small domestic machine.
    I use a 'sew slip' which she refers to and like it... also gloves with the little rubber bits on the ends.
    Finally - relax, relax, relax........(a glass of good wine helps - but it rather depends on the time of day????)
    Hugz and happy weekend

  5. great job! they look great! I am in Home Ec online class learning to sew and we will eventually get to that. Im excited to learn!

  6. Wonderful job on those trees and I'm glad you've explained the word Ent, I had no idea but I've never seen the movie you've referred to. I too find it hard to relax while machine quilting and have to remind myself to relax my shoulders. Perhaps a glass of wine would help!

  7. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!!! I'm sure your not-so-little girl will love them also! She's quite crafty herself. I haven't tried freezer paper stenciling yet - but I can't wait.

  8. Ooh, ahh! I love the way you translate natural inspiration into surreal shapes that are totally of Michele. Loverly!

  9. Fantastic potholders...loving the earthy colours and Celtic feel :-D

  10. These are really lovely, the combination of stencilling and quilting works really well, love the colours too :)

  11. That's beautiful!! You have always such good ideas!

  12. Love these! Totally missed the 100th post party-looks like it was fun! I would have said, "What?!" Hope you had great fun!

  13. These potholders are lovely, I'm so into freehand stitching right now. Your steadiness is much better than mine. Such skill :D


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