Monday, January 3, 2011

Dear 2011...

How are you, 2011? I am so glad you've come! You are looking very well. Your eyes are a'sparkle, and your cheeks are rosy from the chill in the air. It's very becoming indeed! I have been waiting for you, you know. Please sit down, won't you?

My dear 2011, I want to get a few projects done while you are here. I want to put those finishing touches on the basement, repaint most of the main floor and the upstairs as well. Also the carpet needs cleaning sooner rather than later, the backdoor needs replacing, the car windshield needs repair, the parging needs redoing, and I must line up a new comfy chair for our living room. Furthermore, the back garden is in a desperate state. It is my fault, 2011. I've let it become so, and now it's up to me to return it to its former glory. Do you think we'll be able to manage?

Oh 2011, I have plans for you. While you are here, I want to learn a few things. I want to learn to be more patient. I want to stop rushing quite so much. I want to appreciate the colours, the sounds, the layers of the tasks I undertake, and stroll more serenely through the days.

And I want to learn to be more present too, 2011. To enjoy what is now. To get more out of my family time. To learn from my mistakes, yes, but allow for whole whopping new ones too. I want to be more courageous, and I plan to take a risk now and again. I intend to do it, 2011. You just watch me.

You will stay a while 2011, won't you? Will you see me through those times when my brain is broken and I can't think of a new thing to create? Will you walk with me when my voice comes out as silence, or croaks up blooming nonsense?

Will your sun rise with me every morning for the next 365 days, and rest as I rest? Oh I am so glad to know it. Our time together will be a swell one I can tell. Let us begin then, shall we?

N.B. I will be discussing the above charms in Wednesday's post along with other stuff which includes a one-on-one challenge with the amazing and talented Aunt Peaches (insert squeals of delight RIGHT here)!!! I CANNOT wait!

Now please go have yourself a lovely day, and I'll see you again soon!


  1. Happy 2011. You wrote a wonderful post!

  2. Bonjour! Et Bonne Année ! Very nice to see you again ... Hope you had a nice time with your family ! Many good things for you for this new year , go on surprising us ! ( and I notice you use the verb : learn too :)

  3. Hermoso dialogo con 2011!!!!
    Mis mejores deseos!!!!
    Un abrazo!!!

    Beautiful dialogue with 2011!!
    Best wishes!!
    A hug!

  4. Happy new year mama! Can'r wait to see what 2011 brings! And a one on one with Aunt Peaches, I am so very intrigued! Who's bringing the glue gun and who's bringing the glitter? ;)

  5. Bonjour DM! I had a very nice time with my family and extended family, and I'm excited for the upcoming year! You have a great one yourself! xx M

  6. I am still sorting my plans out for 2011 ^^ I think there are a lot of thoughs which are also on my "list"!

    And to have a little teaser... I just hate waiting while being curious! Not good at waiting, not at all ^^

  7. Oh, heavens, I can't wait either! Michele v. Peaches? Matchup of the year, and it's only January 3rd. Happy 2011, dearie!

  8. What an enjoyable post. The charms are lovely, and I look forward to Wednesday. Happy New Year Michele.

  9. Happy New Year Michele!!! I can't wait to see all you create in 2011. You will continue to inspire us all. Love your post. Beautifully written. Hugs Ariane

  10. Oh Michele, 2011 has so many great things ahead for you I just know it! And what are these wondrous stained glass creations you have here? Hmmm.......I can't wait for wednesday...which reminds me...I need to sap on another layer of decoupage.

    Later alligator!

  11. Thanks Peaches! I know, I am so excited to see what you've cooked up! Until Wednesday then, hee hee!

  12. Happy New Year Michele!!!!!

    I hope you and your family had a wonderful holiday full of joy & laughter :-D

    I can't wait to see what delights you will be making in 2011!!


  13. Happy new year Michele! I know it will be one full of wonderful creations - you look like you have been very busy already!


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