Saturday, January 1, 2011

Make It Good


Have you been invited to "Make It Good"?

Here's what it's all about!

Essentially, "Make It Good" is a two-person, recycling, craft challenge chain that has slowly made its way to you through the crafty blogosphere. It is a fun, invitational challenge that pits one crafter against another in a friendly battle for the love of blog readers everywhere. There are no winners; there are no losers. You will be crafting a cool creation from something that was destined for the big garbage heap in the sky. You will be telling the world about it on your blog. You will be (slap-in-the-face) rewarding your opponent with your creation. And finally you'll be seeking out a second opponent and playing a second round, thus passing the craftiness on. All you've got to do is make it good.

Let's go through the Challenge Rules:

If you are here, it's because a fellow crafter has challenged you to "Make It Good".

Now, if you want to play, you must agree to the following:

(1) Your opponent's previous challenger will set your challenge.
  • That person will tell you what type of garbage or recyclable you will be using (ex. cereal boxes, egg cartons, shampoo bottles, gift wrap, etc...) to make your cool craft.

  • That person will define ONE rule to be respected during the challenge (ex. The creation must be inspired by nature.)
(2) You and your opponent will jointly set a date on which to post your crafty results.

(3) You will each create a post showing your wondrous handiwork.

(4) You will link to your opponent's post in your post. Here's an example post.

(5) You will install the "Make It Good" button somewhere in your post.

(6) You will swap creations with your opponent.

(7) You will add your link in the comments section on this page to let everyone know that you have made it good. Nifty Note: If you want to create a clickable link in the comments section, type the following formatting directly in the comments box and voilĂ , a link is born! Here's the link format:

(8) And finally, once you've completed your first "Make It Good" Challenge, you will in turn invite a crafter of YOUR choice to join you in a second challenge, thus perpetuating the chain. Rule #1 will now read: Your PREVIOUS challenger will set your challenge...etc. Rules #2 through #7 remain the same!

So, if you accept to follow these rules, you are agreeing to participate in two "Make It Good" one-on-one crafty recycling challenges.

And if you let me know when it's happening, I will advertise your challenge here on Michele Made Me!

Sound like fun?

Go to it, then!

Pssst.... Don't forget your button!



As the creators of "Make It Good", Peaches and I have the privilege to do as many "Make It Good" Challenges as we like.


My sincere thanks to Aunt Peaches and Mich L in L.A. for devising and tweaking this challenge chain with me. And to Aunt Peaches for designing the elegant "Make it Good" button! Thank you both so much ♥!


  1. Michelle L. said: Here's my first Make It Good post, yay!!! It's me vs. Michele. It's cute and fun. Check it out:

  2. Here's Mich L in LA and I making it good on 11 Feb 2011, with Candy Wrappers!

  3. Ariane and I made it good on 9 Mar 2011, with Milk Cartons!

  4. Michelle L. said: Hi, challenge fans! Here's the link to my Plastic Bread Tag duel with Carol from The Answer Is Chocolate:

    Hope y'all enjoy! And thanks AGAIN, Michele, for coming up with this fun project.

  5. The Answer is Chocolate said: I have entered the arena. The Plastic Bread Tag throwdown of 2011 with Mich in L.A can be found here:

  6. Alex from I Like Greenhouses and I "made it good" with old sheets in April 2011 RIGHT HERE!


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