Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Guess who's been busy?

Well... YOU have of course, that's who!

I'm always amazed when something I've made inspires you to get crafting. It's the coolest thing ever. And I have so much fun seeing how you've put your own spin on some of these ideas of mine.

See? Now look what Nzqu from Tiukka Pipo created... Aren't they gorgeous? This dazzling mass of junk mail bows just blew me away. Isn't this the happiest photo? I love it!

Christine from Our Family of Four made her version of the paper airplane garland for her son's birthday party. You must see her photos of the party. They are stunning!


Peechee from Candy, Cake, and Crafts recycled a catalog into this charming wall flower art based on this post. Doesn't it look great against that red wall?

Dawn - and her kids too - from Where We Are, crafted their own pretty toilet roll flowers. It kinda puts me in the mood to make some more. They really are a ton of fun you know. How pretty, Dawn!


Thank you Nzqu, Christine, Peechee, and Dawn for sharing your lovely projects. You know you brighten my day, right? You do!

Now if you have crafted a craft inspired by a craft crafted by this crafter (um, that's me, btw), do let me know. I'll tell my husband, my children, my mother, my father, and my ten brothers and sisters about it. Oh, and I'll also tell the world. So email me!

Now have yourself a great weekend, and I'll see you again soon!


  1. I love all those Michele Made Me inpired creations! I really love the flower on the red wall!

  2. So many crafters having fun and creating loveliness! Great post, Michele, and great work, Michele's readers! Wait - you really have ten siblings?

  3. Wouldn't it be great if there was an online magazine that aspiring crafters could BUY (like, for real money) featuring your amazing ideas all in one place, so that said aspiring crafters wouldn't have to take valuable crafting time away from cutting/gluing/painting while searching old blog posts for instructions? Hmmm. Just an idea. Because obviously, you are in the inspiration business.

  4. How wonderful Michele to see what people have created from you ideas....stunning x

  5. Love the post! And it proves that people find inspiration in you!!

  6. Completely agree with Poppyprint! Your tutorials are so well done and I find it inspiring how people have used your techniques and adapted them, great features. Have a happy weekend - I think Spring has arrived in Ontario.

  7. those junk mail bows are amazing! i always love your tutorials, they are super inspiring, and your posts are so cheerful! it's like a happiness boost everytime i stop by =)

  8. Awww! Thanks so much for featuring my "inspired my you" aeroplpanes :) I have been out of the loop but see the lovely Nest/Basket that you made & am now inspired, cause i need a new blog header for Easter, you are truly a wealth of creativity girl!!!!! Thanks again!


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