Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bibs, Baby!

These bibs are a symbol of my quiet yet obvious wisdom and wide-ranging experience.

Really Michele? How's that?

You see, these bibs are a gift for the first-ever, soon-to-be-born babe to call me GREAT Aunt Michele.

Congratulations, you're old.

I prefer to think of myself as young-at-heart and eminently sage.

Okay. Why's that?

Well, despite having lived a life riddled with mistakes, failures, and hard-learned lessons, I have somehow managed to find love, do work I enjoy, and my children are growing and healthy. On top of that, here I stand, poised to face whatever challenges come my way.

Good for you Michele.

Well, they don't call me GREAT for nothing.

They don't call you GREAT at all!!! The baby's not even born yet!

Details details...

Note: I used the lovely Sew She Sews Bib Tutorial (altered slightly to make bigger bibs) to sew the above baby bibs. I freezer-paper stenciled the boy's designs (also used for these cuffs) onto the fronts, and I made the bibs double-sided so they can be worn either way. Both back and front are shown in the pics. These came together without a hitch and make super-quick hand-made baby gifts when time's a tickin'.

You have yourself a fabulous day now. I'll see you again soon!


  1. Thanks for a lovely self reflection interview with the great Michele! Great bibs too!

  2. Ouch, great aunt huh? I am certain you will live up to the great as it means superior and fantastic rather than old! Cute bibs!

  3. Great bibs, I am always on the lookout for quick,useful and handmade baby gifts!

  4. Congratulations to the upcoming Great Aunt... sounds awfully distinguished... the bibs are wonderfull...

  5. Congratulations Michele!! Thoroughly enjoyed the post!!
    P.S. The bibs are adorable!

  6. Thanks Pacas!

    And KJ, the tutorial is a very good one.

  7. Very cute. Yesterday I was just thinking about how much I like aqua and orange for boys. Love the bibs, and I do think that you are GREAT.

  8. You have a Great day! You are great and the bibs are great! You make it look too easy.

  9. Love the bibs. I agree, we are sage and learned. :)

  10. I think I prefer the term 'greatest aunt.'

    Double-sided? Oh, brilliant! The parents will flip the messy side over to the clean side when baby's greatest aunt arrives.

    Love these colors and fabrics! And the cutest choo-choo in the world.

  11. Your posts are the best. Congratulations on being even Great(er).

  12. Love these Michele!!! They are so cute. And the colors are perfect. What a great gift!!!!!

  13. I almost thought I was on the wrong blog when I first saw these :) They turned out beautiful, Michele. What a fantastic gift.

  14. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave today [19 May 02:15am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

  15. Congratulations :) You've just made me realise that I too am a Great Aunt. I'd never really thought about it till now. It's all my brothers fault for liking girls too much and too early.

  16. I love these bibs they are so cute!

  17. Congratulations! I aspire to great aunt status one day :)
    Love the bids, btw. Super cute. My niece is past bib age now. Pretty soon she'll be too big for fun handmade gifties altogether...(!dread!)

  18. thanks Peaches and a fantastic great aunt you will make one day too!

  19. I likey!...are you in the market for another much older niece? :-D



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