Monday, May 16, 2011

Monotone Monday

It must be Monday. I'm feeling a little like this paper girl in this paper window. Under the weather. Tired. Rumpled. And with big plans to do... no thing. Except make tea. But after that, no no no thing. That's the plan. Yes, I will while away the hours resting here drinking my chamomile whilst contemplating some of the bigger questions: Why am I here? Should I paint the dining room white or a colour? How can I be a better person? And if not white, then what colour? Important life-altering questions. And then I'll sleep a little. And dream.

You want in? Join me if you like. We will most certainly feel better tomorrow. But today, rest is required.

I'll see you again soon. You take care.

Note: I made the above greeting card for a friend out of recycled brown packaging, a scrap of painted-brown newspaper, and a bit of brown paper bag.


  1. Love the girl in the window. I hope you are feeling better and cheerier tomorrow!

  2. This is so CREATIVE..looking smart :)
    I hope your friend will love this card

  3. Grey - under-the-weather days were so last week here. :)

    I hope you feel better soon.

  4. I hope you feel better and cheer up soon Michele!
    The card you made is beautiful!

  5. The card is wonderful! I like its dreamy mood and the coplete harmony between words and image! Recently I've been making some papercuts from a similar paper, but they are not completed yet. Only a woman with a chicken (hen?). I'll post it soon...

  6. Good on ya for taking the time out when needed. Have you got a good book? I've got my nose stuck in The Help and I can't get it out. Recently finished Major Pettigrew's Last Stand which made me bust up laughing, cry and mourn it's end.

  7. It was almost 80 Friday, and now it's 46 and raining. It just takes the wind out of my sails. Hoping tomorrow is brighter, and you feel well. :)

  8. This card is so moodily gorgeous! Feel better and don't contemplate TOO hard. What kind of tea?

  9. Michele, Michele. Just a brown paper bag and a scrap of newspaper . . . .
    You crack me up!

    Take care, rest, drink tea. I had my day Friday. Pooped.

  10. Very nice ! She seems to be waiting, contemplating, pondering,musing, looking at something or nothing,just getting impatient, or just sitting a moment , or all of that , who knows ?

  11. Oi! I will gladly join you! I, too have been under the weather the whole last week and I am still waiting for the impulse that shall get me going...

  12. Il y a des jours comme ça, ici en France, il fait beau, je vous envoie un peu de soleil,
    j'aime beaucoup votre carte recyclée,

  13. What a gorgeous paper girl - is it a self portrait perhaps?

    Happy Tuesday!!!


  14. sounds like a good plan to me. there's nothing wrong with doing nothing (or no thing). one needs a break now & then to clear the head & make room for new stuff :)

  15. Dear Michele...Simple, not easy is your craft and simple, not easy is the "good" life perhaps. As I was lying awake early this morning because of cough/sneezing/blahs... something I had read in a book of Zen came to me: What would your practice/your life be like to be okay with just this moment, right now...? Eventually, I did fall alseep, for a short while anyway. I hope that simple and not-easy idea resonates with you too :)

  16. this piece is wonderful
    and i have those days too


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