Saturday, June 16, 2012

Portable Love for Father's Day

Confession. Made this wallet last year. Then, forgot I made this wallet last year. Then, never blogged about the wallet. Then, remembered I made this wallet. So now, I blog the wallet.

Truth. This wallet is a year old and in perfect condition. Lo loves this wallet. He uses this wallet everyday. It is a soft wallet. It is an un-bulky wallet. This wallet holds the most important things he carries with him throughout his day. Money. Plastic money. Identification. And love, of course.

This wallet contains love. I made it with love. I mixed love into every stitch. And added some portable love too. Just because.

The portable love is a card made from a tissue box. I cut it out. And wrote down some love words on the back. Then, I slipped the portable love into the wallet. That way, he has it with him always. Maybe he reads it when he's feeling blue. Maybe he pulls it out when he's frustrated with me because I yelled at him about the sock issue. And it reminds him. That I feel the love-thing for him. I do. Despite the sock issue. Our love-thing is strong. And everything is okay.

Happy Father's Day my sweet Lo. My love is yours. 


NOTE: I used some scraps and THIS little tutorial courtesy of Insatiable Need to create the above wallet. I made another version of the same wallet HERE.


  1. love the use of the wide wale corduory! Happy Father's Day to LO!

  2. would you believe I am also having some pics of my work but not blogged till now :) hehe..but really!
    well this wallet is a very smart gift idea..

  3. That’s what you call a love-ly wallet! So clever and thoughtful with your handwritten love note!

  4. What a lovely gift you made for your husband and that portable love note... well that is something precious!!!

  5. Manly and comfy and cool - sounds like your husband.

  6. very nice ! happy father's day week end !

  7. So cute! I've been posting itty bitty love notes and encouraging words around the house and in his car, and work things. I know it will lift his heart on a tough day.

  8. Portable love note. The most romantic thing i have ever heard. Seriously romantic.


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