Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Boy Discovers Fresh-Picked Peas

I've spent the last few weeks insisting that The Boy pick, shell, and eat the sweet green peas that are now ready in the garden. I've put up with grumbling, scowls, stamping of feet even. But despite these, I've continued to insist steadfastly.

My hope was to witness, in the fullness of time, that spark of awareness of the natural deliciousness of these viney vegetables. 

My efforts paid off. 

The Boy now picks, shells and eats with enthusiasm! I'm quite pleased with myself (and him).

Of course, his favourite way to eat the peas is right out of the freshly-picked pods. That happens to be my favourite way too.

My second favourite way is to sprinkle a generous handful on green salads. He's not so sure about that.

But I think it's just yummy.

How 'bout you? Do you eat fresh-picked peas? What's your favourite way to have them?


This heritage pea variety is Alaska (a.k.a. Earliest of All).


  1. I remember shelling dried beans in Slovenia when I was a kid (whatever beans they were, all shiny, red and marbled- gorgeous!) with dogged determination. There is something satisfying about doing tasks like this, even though I could not name it.
    Gotta say I'm with the little Mister on the salad issue, too little cheese, egg and Jalapeno for my taste. (hey, I try not to overdo the whole healthy eating thing, can't let my system go into shock!) But then again, the walnuts and fresh spring onions are so much of a redeeming feature that I might just be tempted :D With a side of scrambled free range eggs this might just about be acceptable. Or even a favourite in the making! :)

  2. The last time we had a garden, Dolly would roam (on her wobbly baby legs) and eat peas like crazy, straight out of the garden. They are so yummy.

  3. Yum now I want to grow peas next summer. I can remember shelling them as a child on my Granddad's farm. They are definitely best straight from the pod. Well done with your perseverance with the boy.

  4. Straight from the pod, right there in the garden- hands down the best way to eat peas.

  5. so good ! i don't know iif we will have to much this year...we forgot to close the gate and 4 deers went inside for a feast ! no more strawberries, tomatoes.... oh well maybe that will grow back ?!

  6. Love fresh peas in Risotto with Sliced saute mushrooms and in a Portuguese
    dish with Chirico, so good!!!

  7. Mmmm! We *just* picked our peas this past weekend - they're like nature's candy! The Child likes the teeny ones but shunned the larger/fatter ones even though they were just as sweet. Kids!

  8. I only once bought fresh peas on a farmers’ market (we don’t have a veggie garden). When I picked the peas I discovered all sorts of little critters in the shells and peas... yak! It was the first and last time I bought them!

  9. Peas from the garden or even those bought in the pod from the supermarket NEVER get to the pot.... I can't stop myself eating them! However eating them raw in a salad is a great idea - why didn't I ever think of that! :o)

  10. I love them and only ever eat straight from the pod! I eat a kilo a time as well. Is that naughty?

  11. Yum! Definitely straight from the pod. Mum used to grow broad beans and my brother and I would eat them all off the plant. I think Mum used to wonder why they never grew any beans!

  12. Right out of the pod!
    When I was a little girl back in the 1950's that was the only way we got our peas. No cans for us. I would help my mom take the peas out of the pods and probably ate more than I gave her. Although, we always seemed to have enough for dinner. Hmmmmm. I wonder. Mom must have bought extra. She steamed them and back then we ate real butter on them. So yummy.
    Thank you for the memory.

  13. Nope, no peas here please :)

    Sweet pictures of Boy with his poor broken little arm.

  14. Ah, how wonderful! Glad he's learned how good they are! I too love fresh picked peas. And I too love them in a fresh salad. Not too original, but oh-so-yummy! Thanks for dropping by my blog. It's fun to read your comments!

  15. It's addictive you know... getting the peas out of the pod. You do it once and you are bewitched, and you simply must do it again :)
    We always buy some fresh peas at the farmer's market and freeze them to have plenty. They are on the menu, almost every week. Mostly in a stew.

  16. I like the fresh ones in the store... not as good as the ones from the garden, but I'm of an age that doesn't do well bending over that much. I like the fresh snow peas in the shell, eaten along with the shell. Yum. And in salad.

  17. When I was a child (over 65 years ago) I used to lay down between the rows of peas and shell them while they were still hanging on the bushes.
    It took my father a while to realise that it was me eating them and not some bugs.
    Thanks for reminding me of those great days.


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