Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Our Resident Robin

This year we are sharing our back yard with a mama robin and her nest of eggs. I've never experienced living side by side with a robin before. I think it's pretty darn special. It's mostly a matter of mutual ignoring from what I can see. She ignores us fervently; we do our very best to ignore her back.

I had no idea she even existed until Lo pointed her out to me a few weeks ago. I don't know how I missed her. Her nest is built quite precariously on our trellis a foot away from the patio table. It is about 6 feet off the ground, too high for anyone to easily see inside. Lo took it upon himself to take a little "egg inventory" the other day with the step ladder and binoculars. It turns out there are two very blue eggs in there. From all accounts, she has the patience of a saint. She sits on her eggs many hours every day leaving only to get a lickety-split meal of worms from the garden before getting back to work. It's pretty cute how still and focussed she seems to be while sitting there.

I'm getting a little worried though. The incubation period seems to be lasting quite a while. It's supposed to range from between 9 to 15 days for robins. I think it's stretched beyond that... All we can do is wait I guess... And hope.

In the meantime I drew up two robin outlines, and The Boy and I sat quietly colouring them in.

It's a good way to keep busy while patiently waiting for little ones to hatch... Come on birdies, you can do it!



  1. It is special! Nest watching is a great sport - hope your redbreasts emerge soon. I know your garden is well stocked with gross squirmies for their first meal.

  2. what a sweet picture you snapped of her on her nest!
    and i love the idea of "mutual ignoring" ♥

  3. Very unique! So wonderfull. Dutch Robins are different! (especially ours;-)

  4. How lovely to watch this Mother at work each day and so close to your home. Great drawings too. I can imagine your artwork done in embroidery stitches...

  5. Your drawings are great! I love the second one!

  6. I hope the little ones are okay. How fun to discover them and draw them. I love both of your drawings, so different, yet so beautiful!

  7. I love watching birds in their nests - we got to watch a mama dove at my in-laws when were in CA.

  8. It must be very exciting to watch mama robin, caring about her babies... I'm waiting eagerly for fresh news!:) The two pictures are just charming!

  9. We had a hummingbird nest in a tree in our courtyard all the way through a VERY cold/snowy (in Vancouver!!) spring and it was absolutely fascinating to watch how very patient a birdie Mama is.

  10. That is so exciting. I like both the drawings/colorings.


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