Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Ornament #4

The above two tree ornaments come to you courtesy of The Boy. He designed and made them on Friday, and I just had to include them in the ornament series! I'm big-time in love with them. They're so simple, beautiful, innocent. It's the kid thing. Those little fingers do magic, I tell you.

He made them from a cereal box, paint, pistachio nutshells, junkmail confetti, string, scissors and glue.

The pistachio shells, I'd painted a while back, so when it came time to decorate his trees, the shells were there for the taking. In fact, if you plan to do a collage craft like this with your kids, it's a very good idea to prepare all the decorative bits ahead of time. That way, there's no waiting and they can dig right in!

The shells need a generous amount of glue if they are to stay put. He applied a goodly blob to each before attaching them to the trees. Those little guys are there for the duration, methinks.

The confetti was punched from Christmas-flavoured junkmail, a favourite in these parts.

But who am I kidding? There was no way I was going to let him have all the fun. Nuh-huh, I just could not do it. I had to make one of my own too, right? Here's mine below.

And here's the tree-some...

I'm thinking of asking The Boy to make me a whole grove of them. Wouldn't that be great? I wonder if he'd go for it... Do you think?


Previous installments in this little ornament series: here, here and here.


  1. oh this is so much fun to do this together.... enjoy..:))
    perhaps he'll make another 2 but then... come on something new?

  2. What a cool craft! I can see wreaths, and angels, and snowmen....:)

  3. These are so wonderful! Painted pistachio shells, I would never have thought of that!!

  4. Hello Michele,
    You post the msot fun family ornament projects ever! I think it might be worth asking him...they came out gorgeous.
    Big hug,

  5. I think he will be so happy to make a lot of these trees for his mummy!!! ;oD
    xxx Ale

  6. Won't these delightful ornaments make the most treasured Holiday keepsakes :)

  7. Very cute! I'll be linking to it soon!

  8. Oh, they are so awesome. The boy has some great ideas---following in your footsteps, Michele! I love the treesome! Yes, make a whole garland of them. The nut shells are such a great detail!

  9. Ehose look good enough to eat!

  10. oops sorry...THOSE look good enough to eat. And I love the Christmas junk mail confetti dots too.


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